I'm Alex :)


Hmm .. why this tittle sound gay? because i really meant to thanks those who care me. And why start this blog ? hmm .. okay .. too much to say and too little time to tell. Lets straight to the point ...
hohoho .. i never think bout that my brother will support what i m doing right now!! and beside support , he helping me get sales back .. Thanks alot bro ... really never think that u will help since i seldom report back to family that what m i doin. Because my pace is way too fast and the malaysia market might not have the ability to digest what im doing , but right now what im doing is to blend in what market needs first before i bringing those high pace stuff into malaysia market. hmm .... very confusing right. one thing la .. im busy-ing with my Blog Press. Thats why the job is like playing fire that i mentioning ... Is like Fire because if u hit big, the impact is real big like you burning out a big forest. if u hit it small , is just like a small fire cracker.
bout my future .... no worry la all the sis n bro out there. i know who should i invest with. you guys will have the answer thats right inside my heart. bcoz you will know who i need and who i want to be. Thats she ... :)
p/s: thanks mum. mum said : you must have a big big heart in order to go with her [i dont have a big big heart, so i forgo this lady] sis said : u must stay away from trouble [i love trouble lar sis. but i bet that i should listen your advice .. bcoz i hate 'this' trouble too. thats why i forgo again this lady] hor .. i do remember that most of the brotha sista have booked to come for my dinner right ?? all bet in that i will be the first to organize bachelor's night !! no worry !! it will come sooooon ... LoLs .. wait the Hime consent first .. hoho !!
yawn ... is time to get rest ... tomorrow got work to follow :) ciaoz