I'm Alex :)

Over Estimation

This is the feeling when you have the less expectation when the fact is most of your friends is reading your blog ---- hyper active. Since most of the friends will know the story line of it. Okiee ... i have argument with Irene over facebook on the matter of 'there will be never the same again once it is broken' phrase. i insist that if you glue it back, it will look the same beside that you still can see the crack from the outlook of the broken materials. But in fact, it depends mostly on how you see the things itself. If you think you can work this out , fuck those pesimictic viewers .. because they fucking jealous on how you cherish and get the best out of the best, they will try to prevent you from getting it ... they are almost EVIL for it.
Some tell her that , if once broken , get a new one as the only one solution to solve the problem. And some tell her that it is good to look forward and get a new one as life is like that once broken get a new one is the best solution. But i have enquiry of all of the experienced that surrounded me - one of them told , only rich bastard got the thought of that replacing any broken issue within your life , this included of love story , the most memorizing story and even thou to replace their fucking beloved parents if it is broken .. fuck it belinda .. fuck you indonesian mind !! You may suck our cock if you want ... Secondly, one of the guru told me .. i have the best mind in my age ... because i encourage people to cherish the one that they possess now. Broken means it is disappearing .. as long as you put it within your heart .. you will get the best out of it .. unless your heart is faded with the matter . So sorry to you Mrs Chris Ex-Gf that i cant freaking agree with your point .. because your life is pathetic but my life is full of surprise like Super Mario Game. And as conclusion, most of the gang is happy with my opinion that i dont put much effort on the relationship matter as i am freaking emphasis on the career story.
Thanks dad that you finally get to know what i am doing and giving me the mentally support that i wish to have all the while. You will never know what kind of torturing life i have experienced all the while .. but i will really provide you the best that i could afford for the remaining of your life ... i love you mum and dad. muakcsss ...
And especially thanks leslie chan for leading me to a good path during the one hour session in old town kopitiam. I never realised that i can learn such a teaching from you .. i finally know that girl is not greedy while they possess quality .. just that everyone of us is avoid to be painful or we called it we love to have short cut to get happiness. thanks dude ... i will remember your teaching ...
aiyoyo ... finally went in to the pasar for some fighting ... hmm .. a big debt coming soon .. but it is within my budget .. hope nothing bad will happen and we can handle this ..
GRrrr ... wen siang .. you really mahu cari mati .. sendiri happy happy over there hor .. bawah the one you suka and enjoy right .. and tell me that she is Lilian kawan right .. =.= Zzz ... sei zai bao .. enjoy more la .. i will curse you to the max ...
Okie bah .. got eyes read my blog mean that you know the story line .. i dont want to comment much until further advancement of the story .. i love ya muackssss =3 !!!! keep it rocking ...

Not the Story anymore

Just went to Phuture and Poppy Garden for a chill session. Thou im not that aggresive for club recently. But from the invitation of partner's brother - Chris Ooi, i got to get my ass to Phuture no matter how. We just need to pay RM 50 or RM 65 the max according to Alvin Leong , Chris source man, but end up when we went to Phuture , there is an event happening there - Keep the Music Clean and No Drug. OMG ... one bottle of Henessy cover 5 heads charge us around RM 500 , and in total it cost us around RM 90 for one night of spending at Zouk , thats out of our budget, and thats the consequences of listening some jackass opinion of promotion of bottel before 11pm. Silly Alvin Leong digging a grave yard to all of us - Fuck him !!! Thou we paying extra than what we have expected but we are really enjoyed the night since everyone in the club is on the high class level. :) We really enjoy caused the service provided is at a 1st class level plus the most of the patrons over there is fall in the high class level - at least there is no LaLa Gang over there. Basically, i dont get fun at Phuture because Henessy VSOP is not my favourite. Hmm .. but Wei Jen and Joel at Velvet do really surprised me and made my day. I enjoyed chilled with them in the club. Hohoho ... okay .. i especially enjoy chilled with Guywayne Low and James Lim in the club. Because both of them really stand a special place in my mind + heart.
RM88 does not end the day of me at Phuture. We went to Poppy Garden to find Wen Siang. His siao nang friends were all in the club and open the bottle like no body business. We reached there around 2 in the morning. But we still get to enjoy the drinks thereeeeeeee - our beloved Chivas. We popping around , bumping around and sipping around in the club . We were really insane in the club because we are really releasing our freaking tension in the club. I knew that i must work farking hard from Monday onwards in order not to furking foul me out from the game - thats why i forcing James and Ball to rush order from our potential customers. we are really working very hard to get our mission done. our mission is not 1 time game - but it is a continuous game play in this industry . we hope to get more suppliers that are really interested in distributing Cameron Highlands vegetable / perishable goods to the local markets / exporting it to overseas.
I pumping around in the club, finally , GOD has a special arrangement to me - i dont know whether it is a good one or a fark one. Lily (she said Lilian is the best name for her) that i met in the club , i thought i myself first day knew her , but she said she met me before (2 years ago plus im wearing a cap in the club and i am freaking cool that particular night) . i hardly agreed with her impression on me because i knew im a beast in the club for the past few years rathers than acting cool in the club. ARghhh .. no matter what .She is the 2nd Irene Berry that i found in my life. She possessed 95% of Irene Berry trait. Really .. i farking tell u really 95% same as Irene. Thats why i am so stun in the club and enjoy seeing every act of her in the club. She, as attractive as Irene, as talkactive as Irene , as stubborn as Irene , the best is - she is as young as Irene. I, Alexlynn, cannot reject a girl that is almost fall in the best category of my life - Tattoo , Bracer on teeth and Long hair ... at least she hit a 50% from my 4 requirements. I am farking happy with it . Ya .. im like a sleeping child .. cannot make a desicion so serious. But i can really tell out my own feeling that - beside Irene herself , Lilian is the one that is really can replace her standing within my heart. :) i hope there is no friend that will really ramput with me , because i m not kidding this time ... If she is the one that is 95% similar as Irene .. i will go after her FULL FORCE .....
Yeah Yeah .. Irene birthday is today - 13th June , She is way too busy to talk with me over the phone because she had a lot of activities that her friends arranged for her . I hope she get surprised and enjoyment from all of the arrangement. Because i dont plan to see her felt sad on her big day. Sorry that i have not prepare any present for you but i had promised you a pair of diamond earring , come and collect from me when you come back malaysia. Actually, i miss the scent of your body , miss the white stocking that you ask me to wash for you and miss the shirt that you wear for sleeping :S ! Please take care over there .. hope GOD has a better arrangement for both of us - because i not plan to work anything on our relationships already .. since i cant see any feed back from it .. i better use most of my time on Vegetable business ... :S sorry my beloved.
I loved you guys that still beared with the believed on me .. because i wont let you guys down ... i will prove it within 2 weeks .. just wait and see. I love you guys ..
- from aLexLynn- aka HCY of son Joseph and Rita ...

Life !! Live ??

Luckily i dint put my blog into the blog grave yard. Thou i am damn lazy to blog out what has happened on me recently. But tonight mood just came around to force myself to blog out how i feel ..
Been reading on an article by Doctor Siva that mention what a different of Genius and a normal one. Genius itself has talent , apparently im not in this group. Entrepreneur itself has traits, and i fall in this group. Genius doent mean that they are always the succesors. Because without training and practising hard enough (putting more time and effort and learning thru all the hard path than any other else) they would not be a successful man in this world. There is a lot Genius around us. But, why cant we see them make a great impact on their life?? We could just hear and see that they are doing fine at the moment , but not something great in the society or industry they are dealing. Can we teach some one to become an Entrepreneur ??? No .. the answer is no. Because no one can teach you how to success unless you are paying more effort to seek out the truth by yourself. Einstein is a Genius, Tiger Wood is a Genius too. But there is more specialise or Genius in the same industry as they both do. Why are they both more outstanding than any one else ?? Thats simple, this is because Einstein never give out on any chance to read on any Physics book that he can ever get, Tiger Wood training so hard (really hard , spend almost all of his time on the driving range course) to fine tune his performance thou he won most of the trophy during his peak period. So .. thou i am a great failure in most of my project for the past 1 and a half year. But i do think this is the path that an isolated soldier that must go thru and experience before we can really make our name big enough on that particular industry that we are interested in. Because we need to practice, practice and practice in order to sharpen our skills. Learning is a life long process that make you become more perfect and outstanding than any one else. I am still a kindergarden student in the market, thats why my business seem like so dull and have no growing sign at all. Because i dint find a good way to fine tune my skill. Only thru learning and practising hard enough than shall your business flourish. And one more trait - persevere , it is the only way to make you a great entrepreneur in this world.
Chinese always said ' The great fear of man is entering the wrong market and choosing the wrong job , the great fear of woman is marrying the wrong man' . i knew that i have been started the wrong job for the past 1 and a half year. Thats why i turn back to the most basic work -- joining and fighting in the perishable good market. But most of my friends and family members are disappointed and frustrated to the decision that i have made on my life. Why not i choose a typical employee life and enjoy the fix payment that i can get monthly ? Sometimes, they really do not understand what i really want , or what i really doing all the while. I have tried to let them know , but just that really no one can understand and fully support on what i am doing. I felt so disappointed on it too. The most terrible case is , the one you loved most is not standing by your side when you needed her most. She not only does not understand what i am really working on, why i am so stubborn on and she does not even SUPPORT me at all. There is one guru on my entrepreneur journey told me that , this will be a hard one if you choose to be the freak one (entrepreneur) as we do not have a proper income during our beginning of journey because we need to build our base, market ourselves and sell as hard as possible to the others. But be steady, you will see the return after some times and during this hard time, even your friends will laugh you, your family not support you, but you must find your loved one to keep stand by your side until you win the war. *sob* For me, i do not possess any of it - friends are really not supporting me at all, family members are frustated on my decision, and the one i loved is not thinking the way that i had now. We both lost the sync that connect us together. I have lost the encouragement and power of push to work after a small chat with her few hours ago. You have seek a good life that you wanted and we have a deal to live great thou we are apart. But do you know , i never blame anyone else that i have had a pathetic life for this 2 years. I have been worked so hard , tension on my living , scratching my head days and nights for solutions and living in loneliness for 2 yearsss . My life plan is designed mostly based on your lifestyle. When you dumped me and flew away to Aussie, do you think bout what will i become ? What will the story of mine will turn to be when i am without you. I have a chance to go back hometown and work and live my life peacefully in the small yard with my family, but i never choose that because this will not be your ideal life plan and i decorated it with some flowers (stay in KL and work) and waiting you back. But .. there is always joke from GOD arrangement. We are no more in relationship. And until the day you are going to graduate (1 more paper to go), im still penniless, still without making any great sign of progress. I am not blaming you that making my life hard because this is the path that i have choosed. I know you felt angry , disappointed , frustrated when you heard bout news that related to me. Do you think i am that kind of persons that will not change when i have learnt from the past or do you think i am really those type of persons that rumours always spread ?? Close friends of mine knew that i am a good fella but as what impression always get the first point - i am a jack ass. i do not know how well do you know me , but if you do not know that i am not the man people gossip bout me , i am really fed up on this. What i promise you i will always complete the task. Because i knew i owe you too much. And i have open a lot blank cheque before. Thats why whatever you asking, i will grant your wish true. Either you changed a lot after you had your OZ life or i had change nothing rather than become more naive on everything that i do. I used to be a boyfriend that will seldom make promsie come true and lie to girlfriend whenever i can -- but lessons taught me that it is not the way to keep your relationship lasting , thats why i change to be more obedient and always tell the truth although it will be hurting. The best is - if i give you a promise , i will do it. No matter how , you are important in my heart as well as standing a very vital place in my family hearts too.
Thanks to my sister, michelle , for trusting me and supporting me all the way. Thou sometimes you love to nag me but i still love you. When things not get on my way, i am really frustrated to myself and hate to talk with anyone. my previous project mostly turn into rubbish because we do not practise hard enough thats why make us fail in the market. Our ideas are the best among those proposed by others , but just that our experience is not rich enough , there is less buyers come in for us. i do not regret on the experiments i have gone thru because i know i have learnt a lot from it . Gained a lot from the lessons too. This time , the last chance that i give myself to gain the first basket of gold- we let ourselves participate in perishable good market. We have a great bargain power , powerful back up and the best products among those in the market . If this one could not work things out , i will really get myself pack up and go back to my home town to stay with my parents forever. Sorry pap and mum that i putting you both as a last resort. Hope you both understand me. Friends that do not know what i am really up to lately, i have pull myself out of any other projects rather than fully focus and maximise my fire on the vegetable industry. Becoming the collector and wholesaler of vegetable - supplying it around Malaysia (if we got chance to do it as exporter , we would like to :) ]. Holding my degree and selling vegetable in the market, a lot of people is laughing at me . But who cares ? I will make my own chapter flourish with pride and money , i will start my Holdings from vegetable business. I hope i can success this time . Because i have no more space to let myself get down anymore .

过去总要离开 无论多少感慨 明天总会来生

命没有彩排 我已不是小孩 相信依赖眼泪 和心碎也不能 让我的心裏 失去期待才

看到那未来那些人潮人海 如此迫不及待 散去又回来没有某个角落 可以置身世外

逃开现在如果我放弃该怎样去面对那些真挚的爱 谁拥有那未来

爱我的人 相信我我一直在努力改变所有失败 为你们而存在

爱我的人感谢你 你们的爱 就算人生不是精彩 我也要勇敢的姿态

就像夜裏的光 就像皮鞭的响 指引著羔羊

伤口需要滚烫 生命需要成长 痛要品尝

命运去碰撞才会懂坚持 是不是对的方向

错过的不要想 就像干花的香 就像杯底的糖

沉淀了思想每个人不一样 也许你的幸福 地址不详

要明白被爱并不是 一种奖赏 而是种力量 要用它去发光

爱我的人 相信我我一直在努力改变所有失败 为你们而存在 爱我的人感谢你 你们的爱

就算人生不是精彩我也要勇敢的姿态 多少次紧握著明天 徘徊让昨天无法释怀

就算我注定失败还有你暖的胸怀 爱我的人 相信我 我一直在努力改变所有失败

为你们而存在 爱我的人感谢你 你们的爱在寒冷的雪天 等待著 一朵花盛开


Hmm .. why this tittle sound gay? because i really meant to thanks those who care me. And why start this blog ? hmm .. okay .. too much to say and too little time to tell. Lets straight to the point ...
hohoho .. i never think bout that my brother will support what i m doing right now!! and beside support , he helping me get sales back .. Thanks alot bro ... really never think that u will help since i seldom report back to family that what m i doin. Because my pace is way too fast and the malaysia market might not have the ability to digest what im doing , but right now what im doing is to blend in what market needs first before i bringing those high pace stuff into malaysia market. hmm .... very confusing right. one thing la .. im busy-ing with my Blog Press. Thats why the job is like playing fire that i mentioning ... Is like Fire because if u hit big, the impact is real big like you burning out a big forest. if u hit it small , is just like a small fire cracker.
bout my future .... no worry la all the sis n bro out there. i know who should i invest with. you guys will have the answer thats right inside my heart. bcoz you will know who i need and who i want to be. Thats she ... :)
p/s: thanks mum. mum said : you must have a big big heart in order to go with her [i dont have a big big heart, so i forgo this lady] sis said : u must stay away from trouble [i love trouble lar sis. but i bet that i should listen your advice .. bcoz i hate 'this' trouble too. thats why i forgo again this lady] hor .. i do remember that most of the brotha sista have booked to come for my dinner right ?? all bet in that i will be the first to organize bachelor's night !! no worry !! it will come sooooon ... LoLs .. wait the Hime consent first .. hoho !!
yawn ... is time to get rest ... tomorrow got work to follow :) ciaoz

A: Fun Night Out @ Changkat

Weeee .... Xiao Wai not here then we going out to Chang Kat to have our very first ADULT session. hohoho .. there is really a lot lot more different then D.I. Hmm .. would prefer to go there chill chill already. Because it is so relaxing and the customers there are so SYOKKKKK. Compare to D.I. haiz .. no fight at all la. They are in the premiere class. Hmm .. Next stop will be Hartamas. So Hem Bangsar, nothing to do over there , wasted our time + petrol only. Grrr ... OMG, how come nowadays Chinese chiqs love to stick with Gai Jin (Beside Chinese , Other races is referred as Gai Jin = Alien / Hantu). T. T wasted lar ... sigh .
Huh .. working again ? somemore is the same old job !! hope you will do well then .. nothing can be talked more right ? this is your choice , no one can stop you . :) all the best then ...
Hmm .. have taken two quick test and the results is shown below , i m particularly damn agreed with the first test but the second one ... er , somehow agreed also . Since i myself is not alert with the own attitude also :(
( In the beginning phase of couple, i will be very into it and serious about the relationship. But, im those type of jumping into another new relationships if we could get before MARRIAGE, and i would not stop either of us from getting to know more friends. The choices around me is A LOT, and i can turn into new relationship anytime. But , i m so loyal to the CURRENT relationship, and will always think about my past. IF the current girlfriend staying the time with me long enough, love is strong enough , then i will be hers FOREVER)

(If i have choosen [Fox Family in the Happy situation] , it meant that i m belong to [when i cant stand her attitude anymore, i will straight away broke up with her] type. and the heartless percentage of mine is 80%)

Hohoho .. this kind of test . Damn accurate sometime. :)

and i very very miss my SON :(

When U say NOTHING at all

its so sweet to read bout elain yong blog. Lols .. how Leslie bully her, how she tu lan alone without getting any feedback from the boyfriend and the best part is how they both enjoyed their life max. Hmm .. its sound like the life i used to be. Yess ... i used to be like that. But, i've been thru all the heaven nigga happy place for a long time ago. Now im right staying in front of Lucifer. Passing the life of what we called HELL. Uncertainty, unhappiness, uncontrollable, disaster and much more yet to come and torture me. But glad that i still surrounded by lots of frineds that are really caring all the time. Yeap , especially you, my lovely brother G8. Thanks for being so kind to me all the time. Being the only listener and secret keeper to me all the time too. And the best is sharing every little piece story of us everyday :) Freaking enjoy staying this life with you.


when i am serious about something, they are always meant to fool me and this is vice versa to those case that i just wanted to play around with. This time really jia lat. Coz i cant have my hand out of the cookie jar. Hmm .. is it the so called paid back from the debt i have owe ?? the sin that i have made for all the time, now one shot give me back + interest also come in together. jia lat jia lat betul. No money also wont feel this kind of stress. Sigh ... you really make me heartache. everytime also no time to talk with me. grrr .... is this really takes a lot time from you to just talk with me everyday at least 5 minutes ?? Fine, just stick to the plan. Forget what is used to be mine. And chase for the dream that is building by me.

Sometime really keep working only can make me forget bout EU. Haiz .. but making self busy cant really forget you, instead it only make me no time to think bout you. and i dont heart to be alone. love to be pampered by you all the while. :(

And it really felt so SUCKS when you said nothing at all ... Sigh sigh sigh sigh ....

Surrounded By ANGELS

Groooooommmmmm ... now then i realised i have been surrounded by angels all the while. But i still like blaming The Almighty never take good care of me. :( Sorry the LORD !! i have been in-touch by angels all the time. Only that i never cherish when their existence is around me; regret when they are leaving. Typical human - and i am just another normal being in this planet earth.

Gii show me the path of life and swear in front of all to trust and belief each other no matter what and when and how. Now only i know and see how stupid am i making all the complaint after all. i should just belief in Gii and live my life to the fullest.

Good to stay in home and have a cup of coffee and think think think for what its been thru all the while. Solutions will really come if ya' paying enough attention and time to think. would like to make a quick U-Turn if everyone will forgive me for what i have commit wrong recently. Now i really have 'gam jing fo ngan' already. Know who should i invest my time with, who should i pay more attention at and who should i gather together for. Dont f***king want to waste any of my time anymore.
i aint perfect, so i do not expect you are perfect

The story of Cry Cry

hmm .. why so many people asking bout me the emoticon of crycry !! okay ... i got it from mr ^_^ (clive) . since my new nick is mr @.@ , because is so blur lately. LoLs... every day blur with own work , blur with the time, blur with the meal .. and blur with $$$ !! Omg betul ... but my bestie mr =.= every day so tired. work from 8am - 4am (the nextday) pity lor u , no worry , gor gor will buy u tong sui !! hoho .. gambateh bah =.=san !!
crycry because clive taught me to be tough when facing this kind of troublesome matter !! dont always ask for something when there is too tight in the timeline. somemore , you dont own it. instead you should be steady all the way. let the things crycry back to you. hohoh .. f***king agreed with you. will let it crycry back to me. LoLs.. baru i crycry back to it. then it will be better right ? ngek ngek ... :)
Grrr ... clive ark .. the crycry really come back jo wor !! though is not what i think, is not what i wish. but hor .. the crycry thingy really funny la. suddenly appear in my screen .. hoho !! life will be wonderful if everyday will happen something like this to me.
okay .. back to the tea session. mr lee told me how to shut the girl mouth who always asking for prezzie when they are just sitting at home doing nothing. LoLs.. is same theory as baby, when they are whining, put the 'zut zut' into their mouth. when we called our baby who 'aji ajo' over there, we put 69 as 'zut zut' for them too. muahaha !! you this evil la mr lee. LoLs .. five 7 dit go find customers la , dont always sit there lan lan gu with me.
i heart batman. because he is rich. he is good at night bad in the morning. i love the way he is, love the lifestyle he owned and wish to be exactly the same as him from now on !! Gogogo .. work hard in order to reach the dark knight lifestyle :)
huhu !! tomorrow going to cycling again. anyone joining ark ?? mr fei zai clive want to go , so surprise he is taking the initiative to ask us for cycling oh !! hoho !! takkan the sun rise from west ?? wakakak !! XD


she is still so caring bout my business after all. but she is so blur at all. Dont know what am i doing. Fine .. as long as you are supporting enough (mentally) thats pretty enough for me already. All the best for you too. And dont always go out play play and slacking till stomach masuk angin. =.= hug your baby la ... he will protect you . hoho !!

Grrr .... she never know how important that she is to me. Sometimes silly , sometimes smart ; Sometimes cute , sometimes pretty ; sometimes annoying , sometimes caring. Thats how i describe her. Thats why my parents love her. :) i think it include my sister that super LOVE her too. Because she is way tooooooooooo ADORABLE.

wish that i can turn back the time. that i have never made so much mistake. and never been thru all this pain. now , it leads to another life. another new me. another more insane dream. hope i wont get lost again. scared to face with the dark side anymore. wish to know more things in advace just like a prophet. and more things can be under the plan. Lazy to play with game of uncertainty and surprise. itssss so LAZY to face it all.

its a nightmare every morning when i wake up that i figure out i still miss the face. a trouble to bear with every day to miss her. and a debt to pay for the next one i love.


Pain will Hunt you DOWN

When the stars are shining bright in the sky, its it there to blind me cause I realised ?? That you never even try. May be you will never be in my life, May be we're not meant to be right here in time,But I'll love you till I die.

Let me be the one who lose all be the one who everybody hate to let the evil free.
When people try to get me down ,I'll just sit here and let them defeat.

Oh~ My God !! My life is running out of time for you. Can we turn around and hold each other now ?!
Oh~ My God !!Tomorrow take my pain away.May be time has just been playing a game.

Life is starting again ....

Thanks GOD and i have return

When i needed her most. She is always not free. When i felt upset most, she will appear. GOD love to fool me around. Maybe i am a puppet for HIM during my time at HEAVEN. But nevertheless, 愛是恆久忍耐,又有恩慈;愛是不嫉妒;愛是不自誇,不張狂,不做害羞的事,不求自己的益 處,不輕易發怒,不計算人的惡,不喜歡不義,只喜歡真理;凡事包容,凡事相信 ,凡事盼望, 凡事忍耐。愛是永不止息。(歌林多前書13:4-8) rules my life. Thanks for teaching me so much Sis.

I have had thought of giving up my life like that but i am so wrong. Thought of giving back the life to GOD. But The Almighty has send a messenger to me that i must cherish my life because if i were to end it, i must ask from permission from my parents, not the Almighty. HE, the LORD, has send messenger to tell me that life is full of uncertainties, the more i solved , the more i will gained. And do not forget to give more rather than ask more. And i love you again Sis because the LORD has send you down to guard me all the while from doing silly things in EARTH.
The LORD has given me signal that friendship blossom and business nurture. I felt the real meaning from it. know who should we invest for , what should we into at, and why should we enjoy on.
Woot .. i have lost my cable .. thinking of uploading some fried rice pic here. Thanks for Jessie to cook for me tonight. Thou is not as nice as my mum's cook , but is a DELICIOUS spicy seafood fried rice. Somemore all the way bring to me from Puchong, thanks !! And oh ya .. i have washed the container, you can come collect anytime you free. hohoho .. this 38 mui really funny one, call me shorty in fact i taller than you 3 CM leh ... u know how is 3 CM looks like , take out middle finger ... look carefully ... thats almost that range la ... kekeke !!
=.= jie jie , apa i in the pub ark !! how u know ?? takkan u can see me one ark ? or you use friend finder check my location ark ?? This is so not true leh... cakap i in the pub. LoLs .. actually i in the club ma .. Wohoho !!! Kidding kidding ... =.= faster come over KL, want force u spend me a lot of things .. kakaka !!
And i will remember that house door always open for me when i felt like going back. But, i dont hope to go back with two sikat of pisang (plus an empty bank account). Must get something BIG,REAL, WORTHY, STATUS LABEL [hor .. what this mean ark] and something more important before going back. Ngek ngek .. something more important macam a wife la .. a galfriend la .. hmm , need to show to nenek one leh , i think she stay upthere wait till neck long liao lo .. not yet see any of us bring back good gal. KAkaka .. thats why never come my dream and tell me what is the next jackport number.
wuuuwuuu (this is the sound of crying , jessie teach one , but we used to call wuwu as T.T or sobsob) , my leg is injured. Silly new shoe ... omg betul ... too tight !! >. <>
Irene Teng, apa tu ur lappy not good enough ark ?? you take yours and compared with mine , whose one more worst ?? T.T still want ask for a new lappy from me ... sob , i the one should ask from you leh. O.o you poor meh ??? AUD 500 for rental is consider cheap leh .. what la room small small =.= purposely want force son go oioi on floor then tell la. Said he willing go oioi on floor one wua .. i tak percaya one loh !! He is so soft leh .. go oioi on floor , he terus can become ice cream the second day , =.= sure you always kick him down. OMG betul you ark ... torture own son.
Before ending this entry , would really love to thanks LORD. because they will always appear when you least notice. They will send different kind of messenger to tell you whats your next step. We always felt we are the most unfortunate one, but in this world , more people is less fortunate than WE. so , better dont complaint too much when we got shelter, entertainment and family.

i have a lot of thoughts but limited time

Okay .. actually i planned to write a post bout my life for so long. I really meant it !! i dont know got how many of you still chasing after my blog. I hope to get a lot of comments on this blog so that to prove that you guys are still reading on my blog. Okay .. lets start the story.

Few days ago, i am really lost out of my mind. Whether i am still worthwhile to stay in this pretty world. I am in financial distress, career blurness and future darkness. I, without any burden now, also can felt financial distress. This is because my business is not going along the plan that i have did. And the economy is so sucks that hinder the process of my company loan and it make us to slow down the recruitment of right staff to promote my business. Beside that, even when i got the income from my work, i do think that it is only enough to cover the worker paid and the fixed expenses. But not on covering the salary of mine and my partner. How pathetic it was to become a boss like me.

When friends asking bout my business, i really dont know how to reply them. If i reply bad, i dont know what wil they think. If i reply good, i dont think they will believe. And if i reply so far so good, i do think that they know i m cheating them as i want to reliefe their concern on me. But in fact, my business is hitting the most down side again. TwoMAds is actually meeting with financial distress after a series of exhibition and we found out that Malaysian market is freaking out of date compare to the nearest country of Brunei, Thailand and Singapore. Do u know why i said so? this is because a lot of firm do not emphasis on the e-marketing side. They really dont know how powerful are the e-marketing segment. Okay.. maybe im the alien from the group. I came from a small town called Kota Kinabalu which is located strategically in Sabah or aka BORNEO.But how come i can feel the best part from E-Commerce? Because when you read from the influencial blog from the world, you will know why even bloggers can become a millionaire. People will leverage on a high hit blog to advertise some brand. But malaysian is not the same. They will only keep advertise on the lousy and out of date medium - newspaper, flyer and magazine or radio or tv. Dont you think this is only will limited your market to certain area only? Or this will increase the cost of reach (cost of advertising to reach per persons) since you are only target on someone who is within the area that you are advertise. Yeap, this might be a good choice for you to advertise thru all this all medium. But can anyone of you think of the GLOBALISATION term? why dont you just save some money to advertise on a better channel to reach more market so that you can hit more in one promotional activity ??

Secondly, i have a thought of suicide recently. Because my life isnt going the way i wish to. I am in a deep shit of financial distress. My business is not going well. Plus a lot more moody things happened. i really think on how to suicide before. To eat pill, to cut nerve, to jump building or to do something extra ordinary to die. But after a long thought, i realised that my sister is so loving me, my family always open the door to wait me, guywayne is always be there when i needed him most, clive liew will sacrifice his rest time to accompany me, irene will stop maple to chat with me and call me when she know i want to talk with her, Sook huay will help me keep notice some job to reduce my burden, Ball will accompany me playing sports to relax the extra nerve and sweat within my body, and many more will help to think bout me first before their place. From here, i really know that i am not so easy to die because i am the evil within any groups of my friends. And GOD will not let bad guy die so easily.

i have my dream to earn at least a RM 100k within 1 year of business ,but dont know whether this year wish will come true or not. i have visited my playground so often recently. from there , people will think we will go flirt and know girls. But for me , i just wish to go there enjoy my alcoholic session and listen some pop music. I have no other means.

okie .. i am freaking tired of this page .. lets bath and sleep and will continue on the part 2 soon.

time FLIES

Grrrr ... monday ,tuesday , wednesday, thursday ... One week 7 days !! Opppss .. today thursday again . I wont realise this is a thursday by not seeing the calendar from my lappy. Sigh .. time really flies. My mood is hanging on last saturday night tea time gathering with friend plus sunday morning going to cycling at shah alam and was lost during the journey to that park. Time really goes bit by bit and never slowing down at any moment. But ... im still that ZERO at all.
Hmm .. was wondering how was Sense start his own biz by Zero to Hero !?! How that fatty start from Zero too? im really amazed by their milestone and achievement now. was wondering is it that im not belong to the unique one and shall get back my ass to the normal liFe. [woot, am i too moody recently or am i really making decision to go back to the no turning back road of everyone else??]
*cough cough* *flu flu* , shyyyyt !! im still not yet fully recover from my sickness. Yet, i still go for badminton and jogging. =D amazing ~~ i still can jog well !! Nah .. but i still not yet win any of the badminton matches i've played. OMG ... what a noob !! kakakak ... but one thing to be proud of. Lols .. i spoiled one of the bicycle last week !! No one does before but i did it. LoLs !! i cycled till the chain of the bicycles tear into two parts... wakakak !! Maybe i cycled too fast =.= 180km/h !! LOLS ... *sad* end up forget to take down the shop number, forcing all of us accompany me to pull back the bicycle to the shop and ride on a new one. =.=' Zzzz .. everyone is so tiring that day. kakaka .. we still plan to go for Durian but luckily there is no one selling that day. Or else ... Lols .. the ending would be all crawling back to the spot rather than cycling bak.
Hmm .. anyone up to cycling again this weekend ??
Holla my dear. Knowing that you are going to move house soon. (i think within next 5 hours) becareful ~~ ask Benji help you to carry anything that is heavy bah. Or can force Poh Poh to take all those stuff. You just need to bring Xiao Yang and In Du Mei go to new place ok jo. And yeap , the nice pillow from me too. Dont forget take it .. ngek ngek .. suruh your ma chai to help you move house okay jo. kakakak Xppp !!
Kieee .. time to stop all this bull shit again. Back to my work .. ZzzzZzzz .... someone give me a helping hand please. I cant see the front road. T.T i cant see my future.

When The Time is Right

When the time is right, i promise to kill my own dream. Really !! Thats the countdown of the innerself when you yourself cant even make sure what is going on out there. Im surrounded by more uncertainties plus im the one who are with faded dreams and dying heart. I have made my decision of going back to some old place to continue the best of my remaining life. i love to spend the rest of my life with her. Hmm .. the one and only one, who still loving me although im gone mad all the times, scolding her for nothing, dont even pick up her phone while she needs someone to talk with, cant celebrate her birthday for 2 years consecutively, dint help her rub her leg that is cover with a lot of 'o-che', dint say goodnite for her everynight , dint hug her before she go to bed, dint even give her the usual good nite kiss for more than 450days.
But, im pretty sure that even im so blur and blind for my own future. But my heart is always thinking bout her. I sing along a good song when i think about her. This cant be wrong that the feeling of loving someone that is most important in your life. I love you always IRe[n]e !! :) But i dint keep my promsie to build a big house for us before your graduation ceremony. I dint have a big car to fetch you. Cant even afford to go OZ for your graduation ceremony. Dont even have a big LCD and a nice couch for your ANIME time, sorry for a lot of things that i dint even manage to get it done on time. But, the instant camera of your item on list i will at least make sure deliver on time for you :) promise is always a promise.
:/ sorry dad and mum, i cant make my dreams come true. Cant even survive in a good shape in my current living. I have disappointed you both so BADLY. i have tried my very best to get things fix. But ... thats what we called LIFE. Upper class people will always keep their fame while you are in the middle class , dont even think bout climbing up without any help from the class above. Life is cruel. I spend more than a year searching and building my foundation. But until tonight, im really heart broken and wish to start the journey all over again with a different play style. Sorry dad. Im going bak to home very soon because i need your feeding. :/
arggghhhhhh .. tonight the sky is so cloudy. and it same goes with my future. CLOUDY !! i dont know what am i thinking and why am i so emo-ing for the whole week. :) Thanks Wai for accompany me for so many days. :) i have grown up ?? REAlly ?? u pretty sure ?? Lols .. i just dont want keep stay iin the dreams that is hardly become true. so better wake up and find another better way of living before it is too late.
Okay .. once again. Im okay right now after spilt out the uneasy feeling in me. Just leave me alone sometimes i think i will find my ownself. Thanks friends for so supportive to me all the times. Plus encouraging me and hmmm .. how to describe those always lend a helping hand and let me scold one ?? Kakaka .. as long as you guys know im not mean to do that , okay and enough jo. Love ya guys ..

i m still i m

thanks for all the celebration !! all the dinner , all the meal , all the hard work , all the prepartion , all the greetings and the best is ... ALL THE SINCERE HEARTS !! i love my 24th birthday comparing to the 23rd. Because i felt the warmth.

This is upon request from TSH to update my blog. Or else , i will just left it as dead as a mummy. Because i dont really in the good mood to share out my story recently. :)

Thats it. Hope all my readers got their job well paid. Wont get fired. Have a good health. Have the loved one to care with and to be cared with. And living happily ever after ...

-the end-


Have went to SME Bank today. Enquired a lot on the business loan/grant. There is something that you need to know in Malaysia. Government is so damn stupid yet all the colleges wish that your commanding english is in a perfect level. Can anyone define Startup business to me clearly and precisely ??

they love to simply adopt terms where it comes out from their brain on that particular time. As long as got such a word exist, they will use it without second thought. oh my Malaysia, memang boleh all the times. Anyone know bout technopreneur? I think this english term only exist in Malaysia plus i felt so shame if the international personnel read or saw some new and weird terms in the big and internation function held in Malaysia and over the world concurently. Yeap ... we , Chinese , pure Chinese , not a banana , is lack of the habit of continuous reading of quality novel that makes our commanding english level so low. Some cant even speak or write English in a proper way. This can be forgive since we are not force to get a very good level of language since we are young (childhood). Bahasa , Chinese , English ... we needed to learn 3 languages in the sametime. Most of the students with good language scores will have bad result on other subjects like Math, Science, History or so on. Students only can focus on subjects that interested them. For me, thanks to my parents, providing me tuition with good quality teacher, my writing in 3 languages are considered okay . Speaking is perfect in Chinese , Average in English and boleh cari makan in Bahasa.

Back to technopreneur . this term refer to those who own a business related to technology industry. (lolx , felt that it is a must to let all of Malaysian know that our great leader has created this unique and good term to make Malaysian proud in front of the world)

Haiz .. have make up my mind to do one big decision . But there is always bad news for you when you have a good mind and strong heart on doing something. Wish that there is a better way for me .. oppss , is for us - james included here too . We have asked what we want , just that their Startup term with our Startup term is so much different. :(

Thanks Chooi Kit for remembering me to start reading some novel in order to improve my commanding english level. And thanks Peggie for the early birthday wish. Woot .. you seem so enjoy after your final plus wish that both of you have a wonderful and unforgetful Valentine's day.

Special Case of The Day : Couple quarrel one day before Valentine's Day and the Sor Zai go to middle of the road let a old Mercedez to bang. Dont know want to laugh or need to go help the fella if im on the spot too. Ahmen for the unfortunate guy, hope he got a good day after today.

*PJB[punjabi] 3343 White Myvi - Handsome guys on board. Check it out on the road if you are so lucky to see this car.

Besok going out for crazy Valentine's Party. T____T Lonely, i mr Lonely ... Single Party ROCKS !!! nanananana nanananana ,, so SO WHAT , i still a ROCK STAR !! XD

Few more days countdown back to my KL life

Hmm .. considered have took a very very very long holidays !! Felt comfortable with my life over here !! But cant escape from getting back to the stressful and busy life again next tuesday onwards. :) got the biggest present from the trip back to Sabah on Wednesday. Hope that everyone will pen down every deals with me before my birthday. Thats will be the best thing i will ever wanted.

Every seconds there is someone suffering at the corner around the world. So please do not tell yourself that you are at the deepest shit right now because you aint know what is going on outside and there is still people dying because of Poverty, running because of owing a real big bad debt, and sleeping outside without a good shelter. So when meet with obstacles, jsut ttry to crawl away or jump over with it. We are not belong to the hardest group of terresterial side since the problem we facing is not threatening our life yet.

When we think this is the best, actually it is only a pass stage ; while when you think this is the end of the world when it is just a little bit of challenges in ur life. :) stand up and be optimistic to face the world. Tell out loud of your dream to the surrounding, they can laugh you, tease you even make a joke on you, but you cant look down on yourself because no one will stand by your side if you yourself is not going to prove it to them. ^___^ i have made one of the joke become true few months ago, and i am going to fulfill my dreams again. Will prove that those look down on me that they are wrong ; because we are what we are when we want it to become real. When there is a will , there will be real. :)

Left o RIGHT

a great chance not to be missed !! but ... still , i m not interested for the offering. ZzZzZz ... what to do what to do what to do??? i m going insane soon !! arghhhhhhh .......... should i or should not i take it ?!?!?!?!

left is a smooth road with fruit tree ready for you to pluck and climb.

RIGHT is a path where land is empty and you gotta dig and plan your own farm accordingly.

[>.<] omg ... farking headache again !!

so far yet so near ; so near yet so far ! come back jo still dont want find me , find me jo aspecting me did something extra ordinary ?? im not superman , yet not a normal being too. But i felt stuck in this situation.

Uno, Duo , Trio

Goshhhh ... finally met my new boss !! LOLS .. thou not that satisfy with my own presentation (#@$geram , it used to be James sit beside me and add this add that while i presenting, go alone really tak syok at all) . But overall , performance still not bad !! LoLs .. Idea buy by new investor. Hope it wont make me down this time AGAIN ! Sad with the previous experience. Hohoho .. Even GOD also lending a good hand for me. :)
Huh .. Botak Wai, apa birthday boy is boss then need to spend ark !?!? You are small potato ? O.o u lagi need to bring more money back and spend me during my birthday party. I want eat Lamb Chop , Pork Chop and Salmon Steak. muahaha !! Present no need buy for me . Just get me a red packet with $$$$ inside then enough jo !! Oh .. i remember jo , sei zai bao , last time when i go KLCC the KinoKuniya the book store there , got one Monkey Novel one , you said want buy me during my birthday , Sobs !! you want pretend you got short term memory is it ?!?! =.=' susah hati-nya !!
:/ silly weather , freaking hot today while driving mum's car out in the afternoon. Farking weather, hot till i sweat like bathing in the car. Zzz.. drink one big cup of milky pearl tea iced also cant solve my sweat-ness. >.<>
ahem ahem ... *cough cough* !! Adik Clive Liew, money ada ready kah ? LoLs .. My birthday coming soon wor !! ngek ngek ngek .. sek do one lo , i know you will visit my blog one !! kakaka .. purposely write it out let you READ IT !! so that you can remember it !! Oh ya .. >.> miss tham , remember to save money also wor !!LoLs .. TREAT ME LIKE A KING please !! muahaha !!! ^_____^ this time want james to become my driver , muahaha ... sit behind like big boss !! nyiak nyiak nyiak ~~ i wanna go club na na na na na ~~ we need to have fun right now now now now now !! woooohoho !!

Over Excited After A Period of PArty

Ngek NGek .. finally celebrated my big day with my family, cousins , relatives and relatives. LoLs ...God sister buying a mango cake for me (since her boyfriend doesnt like any other flavour -.- force to choose according to his taste lu), mum preparing the dinner plus arranging the event for me , i love you mum, every year you helped me arrange all this stuff, really appreciate your hard work , muackss to my mum,Mrs Ho, i love you so much !! and thanks for my dad that helping me entertainted all my relatives ( since i alone kenot do so, mum's bro sis all came, dad's bro sis also came along) . And thanks everyone who attended my 24th birthday, thanks for making this big day so happening !!

:) especially thankss to all my small little cute cousins (uncle's son 2 daughters , sis's son , another uncles 2 sons 1 daughter, another uncle one daughter , hmm who else i forget to count ?? ) thanks for singing so loud Birthday Song for me (lols , last time when i was a kid , i used to sing very loud too, now i enjoying those kids sing for me , wakakaka ) . Thanks for making my big day so unforgetful.

Ohhhh... this year no present at all. T.T ..... wahahahahah ... but ang pao a lot , so good !! :) can use those money for my own business. present really not important , money is da best . wahahaha !!!

And thanks for my God sister for spending me tea after my party. After the tea , my god brother called me out for a MAN SESSION !! wahahaha ... thanks for your beer too. And thanks for the chips and fish balls .... ngek ngek .. i knew it is expensive , but i m the boss tonight , so you are going to pay the bill for me . Lalalalala ~~~ ^____________^ what a happy day !!

Oh yea .. and i have 3 wishes this year . Kakakaka .. hope it all comes true on Year 2009!!!

O.o ... Amazing !!

Lols .. my dad came in to the study room and look at the monitor for just 1 second and he said : playing facebook ark !!

Zzz ... amazing , nowadays parents are learning quite fast too. LoLs .. especially for those who living at East Malaysia , memang tak prepared that they will know what is facebook , friendster or blog . Lols .. because most of the uncle i met in Semenanjung , dont know what is Google, but they knew Youtube, Youporn , Redtube , er .. what else , Malaysiakini and those blog that is 18SG or 18SX. Lols ..

but my dad is .... GENIUS. So IN lately, will use wi-fi ( hehe .. paiseh , i myself also rarely connect to wi-fi) and will use pda online to watch news and send email . T___T i cant barely send an mail by the stupid so called high tech PDA !! Zzz ...

A good day out with brother in law

phew .. another good day for me as were going out with my brother in law to CP. Planned to go for movie at the new cinema @ Palm Square. But end up our Hall is at the old site. Zzzz ... a lil bit disappointed for both of us. But surprisingly the ticket is so affordable here - RM6 per tix. Thou the chair is not as comfy as the one at GSC, but the environment is still averagely acceptable.
Oh ya , have conn-ed my god sister to buy me cake for my coming birthday. Lols .. she telling me that bonus is out on today, so she can buy me a cake for my birthday celebration. Thanks Nana !! LoLs .. always force her spend me eat , drink and play .. started to feel paiseh already !! But i knew that she is going to marry SOON (she claimed that it will happen btw June n Dec) Better confirm the date, bcoz i needed to arrange my time plus save money for your present. Zzz ... still want play mysterious and surprise + heart attack invitation with me !! Zzz ...
Wow .. RED Cliff 2 , what a good show (LoLs .. i dint even watch the part 1 , but now went for part 2 instead) . Hmm .. i have lack of one important thing in this chaos moment - FULL FOCUS (they name it as Concentration) . LoLs .. no wonder always felt so uneasy with my own mind . GOD really arrange everything in our path. Thou its just a movie but it can guide me the way that a man of hope to act as in order to lead a big co to grow with and follow the big squad. Bravooooo, Marvellous ....... :) Gam-Xia Gam-Xia GOD !!
[-____________-] tmr will need to lock myself in the room in order to prepare for monday presentation for the investor. So scared will talk less or mislead them with some words. ARghhhh ... why this time no one accompany me to present, at least got someone help me press the slide i also will feel easy and relax abit ... But , Zzz , i m the only one , solo , going to pawn the BIG BOSS !! Zzz .. Hope that i can success !! Nonono .. is MUST SUCCESS !!
Argh ... tomorrow only will post up some lil' note that Edward gave me !! Lols .. a freaking true fact that will make you laugh out loud in front of the PC !! kakakaka ...

True Fact of Parents

LoLs .. i have never thought that a parent will always have this kind of attitude. I mean, this attitude is mostly possessed by most of the parents out there. They always said no in fact they want to agree with you. They always ignore your point but in the heart they are freaking supporting you. Last time when i discussed with James bout this topic , he got the same point of view too. But personally for myself, i never have the strong feeling / experience before. But for this Ox Year, lols this great feeling is flying towards me.

=.= daddy friends are praising me for whatever i've done ; but my dad is funny , he will comment those things i done as BAD or NO GOOD !! But , i can see from his eyes that he is darn happy as his friends are recognising his son works. :)

Okay .. Chinese New Year Holiday is like a ROCKETTT ... fly high and with maximum speed. 3 days of CNY is passing with a blink of eyes. And everyone is going back for their work. My brother went back to his work few hours ago, cousin is all flying back to their work few hours later. But for me, i still lengan lengan waiting for meeting with boss few days later. Been so nervous to meet my new boss soon. Hope that everything is fine and he will pen down an agreement with me :) Ahmitof0 .... pray hard hard !!

Has anyone thinking about the top 20 works that will strike a balance of time and monetary repayment?? What i mean is , work less for more money , or even work less for the same amout of money !! Here is the report from BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistic from US) the top 20 works that give more while u pay less effort(as in time spending) :

1. Aircraft pilots, co-pilots and flight engineers
Hours/week: 23.5
Hours/year: 1,215
Annual earnings: $119,658
2. Biological scientist
Hours/week: 38.4
Hours/year: 1,992
Annual earnings: $65,329
3. Biochemist and biophysicist
Hours/week: 37.5
Hours/year: 1,947
Annual earnings: $69,681
4. Bus driver
Hours/week: 35.9
Hours/year: 1,613
Annual earnings: $26,107
5. Clinical, counseling and school psychologists
Hours/week: 38.1
Hours/year: 1,693
Annual earnings: $59,595
6. Dental assistant
Hours/week: 35.6
Hours/year: 1,849
Annual earnings: $30,895
7. Desktop publisher
Hours/week: 38.7
Hours/year: 2,007
Annual earnings: $36,858
8. Directors, religious activities and education
Hours/week: 38.1
Hours/year: 1,978
Annual earnings: $48,243
9. Educational, vocational and school counselors
Hours/week: 37.9
Hours/year: 1,712
Annual earnings: $50,075
10. Fitness trainers and aerobics instructors
Hours/week: 38.0
Hours/year: 1,976
Annual earnings: $35,262
11. Insurance underwriter
Hours/week: 38.6
Hours/year: 2,005
Annual earnings: $63,157
12. Interpreters and translators
Hours/week: 34.1
Hours/year: 1,687
Annual earnings: $35,853
13. Law clerk
Hours/week: 38.4
Hours/year: 1,961
Annual earnings: $46,539
14. Law teacher, post-secondary
Hours/week: 35.2
Hours/year: 1644
Annual earnings: $158,353
15. Miscellaneous media and communications workers
Hours/week: 36.7
Hours/year: 1,852
Annual earnings: $38,698
16. Optometrist
Hours/week: 37.7
Hours/year: 1,959
Annual earnings: $103,375
17. Psychologist
Hours/week: 38.2
Hours/year: 1,722
Annual earnings: $59,543
18. Speech-language pathologist
Hours/week: 37.5
Hours/year: 1,611
Annual earnings: $53,499
19. Telephone operator
Hours/week: 38.7
Hours/year: 2,009
Annual earnings: $29,877
20. Tree trimmers and pruners
Hours/week: 37.2
Hours/year: 1,898
Annual earnings: $35,644

Personally think that this kind of job is like a special department for some of the expertise, not all of us are suit to this jobs . But here is the reference for any of us who would like to strike for some good paid work while spending less time with your job .

h0me sweet home

bEEN really busy lately... first of all. need to find investors instead of waiting the old group of investors. Luckily let me found two , hopefully both also will knock head and pen down agreement with me . Hope James will get investors too. Because really lack of fund now. If not .. i think my name is like a BIG BIG hitz in Malaysia jo. Hmm ... Have been arrived home for 2 days. But felt like so uneasy here. everytime cny also will make me have this type of bad feeling : because need to do this and do that , listen a lot of instruction .. bla bla bla .. head gonna burst .. too much things to do for a short time. ZzzzzZzz ..

good news for me , OX year is really a GOOD YEAR for me .. Lols .. a lot of project now is going on track ..

and ya o .. i m not missing la ... i just reached my hometown plus not yet settle down ma !! thats why seldom online !! Duhhh .. banyak orang ingat i lari !! haha ... i m still here .. tak ada lari pun !!

and oh yea .. An early greeting to all of you .. HAPPY CHINESE MOOO ~~~ YEAR !! tips to earn extra pocket money during CNY : Call Police station if your neighbour is main FireCrackers ... bcoz governement will reward those who report the law breakers !! kekeke ...

checklist for new year : new baju - yes , new undy - yes , new stocking - yes , new pant - no , new shoe -yes , new haircut - yes , new fragrance - yes, new girlfriend (Lols .. ) - NO !!

STATistic for

its such a long time that i dint update bout my details and progress of the creative advertising and revolution of pixel advertising -

here is some of the fact 12th jan our exposure is 6829 hits and 201 unique visitors. on 13th jan our exposure is dropping to 6212 hits but increase to 242 of unique visitors. on 14th jan exposure have a big rise to 6986 hits but unique visitors drop back to 241 people.

its really a good improvement for us. 2months of a web. having averagely 180 unique visitors perday. and having a 3million plus plus ranking around the world. it is really very difficult to reach that standing if it is without the support from all of my beloved friends here. Thanks for keeping our dream alive.

And to the personal life of me .... I am ..............

SO FAR SO GOOD.its better to say that .. i m better each and everyday. LoLs .. more and more creative plus gold digging ideas are coming out from me plus each and every of it is launching and progressing slowly. Lols .. i am goin to be very successful soon and am going to be RICH !! wahaha !!! thanks god !! HOLA ~~


Ahem ahem .. cough cough

Wakaka ... so nice !!

Oh My Goshh .. Kena TV SHOOTING !! =.='

Kie kie .. normal me .. dont kaka cau cau already
Zzz... Backed from Putrajaya celebration the Malam Belia Cina with our 'BELOVED' Timbalan Perdana Menteri (Najib) who have a good sentence ' Malay , nor chinese , nor indian cannot live on their own. We must work and stay at a ONE MALAYSIA. im not promoting my website'
Heyhey pak cik Najib, if you are not promoting your website, why are you emphasis and repeating of your website thingy ?? Is it wanted to make us know / remember your website ?? Whatever ... But this function is damn lots people going . Around 3k (as claimed) but i only saw 200 + tables ( i think around 230 tables only) . Hohoho .. Ask all the chinese go for the dinner , but the talk was in BAHASA MALAYSIA . Apa lan jiao ini ?? So darn funny wei .. at least our youth leader talk in Chinese okay o not ?? Somemroe order the dishes is in Chinese style , as if you want to respect the other race, please la order some Kangkung for us ma, at least we know this is a re-union of all the races.
=. = our najib kor kor speech is so cute , malay in the first half , english in the second half. @__@ Malaysia memang boleh , why cant we use chinese in the first half , and indian in the second half ?? Zzz ... what a lame function for last night . Wasting my time ..
But hohoho !! After dinner , have meeting with Benson and Sense , here comes a good idea for me. Kakakaa ... :)
And a friendly reminder to all the bloggers out there , please go to the MUST TRY page and copy the new SPOT ME BANNER CODE and replace the old one. Because this version is the updated version as if you all can see now from the right hand side banner at on my BLOG. :) said HOLA to new banner !!

4 + 5 = ?

hohoho ... im a healthy young man right now !! is having my 4 + 5 rest time daily. Hmm , always sleep for 4 hours during nite time (thats why i wake up at 4am and start working or doing my own job). Then during noon time , will take my 50minutes nap. Kakaak .. is it a normal and healthy lifestyle ?? ohhohoho !! dont care la .. as long as i happy for now then enough jo .

But darn scary la this few days. My housemate (everyone should know which one i refering) is like a farker . Always dont lock the door . somemore suka suka wake us up during 6am to reverse car for him. WTF ... #$@##%$ tak tahu people still sleeping one ark !?!? But he dint lock the front gate, making most of us so scared. =.= somemroe ivan is moving hse to the next door , no more gate locker to lock the door before mid night. Sigh ...

>.> 3hours ago. was wake up and having my bath (so enjoy , take a hot bath during the cold mid night) , after that , writing the proposal for Air Asia plus writing some note for Benson (i knew you always rush me for the write up of the Youth club, but sekarang baru ada masa buat ini). Hmm , then email-ED my client. Hohoho .. surprisingly he got an immediate response to me too. haha .. end up , close deal !! RM200 untung. =/ but need to ask James to send in the order first !! :)

hohoho .. and after 3 hours of working , i watched Prison Break Season 4 last episode (i never knew that episode 16 is the last one,and i should have watched it last week but i am too busy to do so, sigh ... ) and it is damn gan cheong la !! Lincoln is going after his own mum aand he doesnt realise it !! haiz .. hope his mum wont die like the dad .. SOB !!! >.> before i start this blog, someone important pop up from my contact list .Zzz .. she online for 1 second and appeared offline after that , telling me waking up so EARLY (11am she referred this as early, now then i know what mean by early , wakakaka ) in order to pack her things and going to move to a new SMALLER house , since the current house is too big for her and companion , so she decided to move to a smaller unit (i claim it smaller since i said she move to bigger hse , she disagree that ) . and oh ya , scoled me BAKA-s for N times within 10 minutes of chat , baka bcoz i said hihi , baka bcoz i put move it move it on my nick,baka bcoz i said i dont have key, baka bcoz i said she is my baka too. OMG .. i felt like im going to be a baka for today !! kena she curse me too many times of baka !!

Cheh .. slowly pack your things la , hohoho !! i goyang kaki and work here . wont stress and get dirty like you , dirty cat Xppp

My LOVE is like a DEED to YOU

Lols .. finally , i clean my room !! With the mop that ivan lend me, finally make my room clean clean like a new one !! And i love to work inside my own room now rather than going outside!! Because , this is just what i wish to have. =) Happy to have a clean room ( Thou it is a killing me job ,used more than 3 hours to throw all those unwanted rubbish)

Hmm , yeap o !! show me your indumei alraedy !! Zzz .. got new baby then dont want to take care the old son alerady. Somemore said want to pass back for me take care half year. Excuse saja la you, thought i dont know you want sayang your new baby meh. Cheh .. but if you want pass him back to me, then just bring him back bah. I think he miss Malaysia too. And i think he miss his sister too. Long time never fighting liao they both. LOLs. Er ...bout the DIET Advice ark. Wait me help you find some fresh recipe la. Zzz .. but i dont think you will be a good girl to follow all the recipes one. sure will skip one two meals or skip one two days go eat those FATTY food. Zzzz ... will try to plan for you la !! My advice is - eat more vege instead of fruits. Because fruits got glucose ( will make u gain weight) , but vegetables are rich in fiber but less glucose (or we can say no glucose) . Hmm .. then please dont makan any McD or fast food. Morning must have your breakfast, lunch can eat a lot , dinner less a bit , if possible , eat vege and rice only. Then drink more water. Thats it. Dont forget to go exercise.

Ohh .. now baru i figure out somebody have cut a short hair. somemore is missing from the earth. Sukkie edayo, mana lu la !! how come hiding yourself for more than 2 months. who you want to hide from. I bet that you have following my blog all the while, and knew that you will appear when you feel you like to. Hmm .. just that , dont hide anymore, we are all here waiting you come back !! =)

Phew .. freaking tired after one whole day of exercise : cleaning room , walking here and there , then Dota-ing with silly ivan (since living hall kena conquer jo , those silly asses mah jong-ing and screaming like no body business) and now blogging . hmm .. i am a good boi !! this weekend dint go club at all ... Yeah, healthy life style , here i COME !!

The Day You Left

Since watching the day you left, my heart is locked and stay with the past.
Every night, Follow the memory line, there is no exit, there is no release.
Until i've lost you, than i just realise how to sing a love song.
Why? We cant get used to lonely?Why? I cant learn to stay alone forever?
If relationship is just a process, no one can stay forever.
Felt tired but how come i dont have the motive to find a replacement for it??
If love is just a process, why there is still people avoid from discussing bout it?
I am just like living in my dream now.
Quoted by: Dark Knight aka Smart Boi 27/12/2008


thanks for hsemate : Ivan, Ball Zai, Stephy and Sir Wee to come participate on our clubber session. Thanks for Wendy came for the party too. Especially Clive Liew, thou i lead him to wrong way, he never angry me. Instead giving me chance to be a good leader to bring all of us to the correct path. Hehehe .. sorry that i made a mistake on the next turn. Zzzz ... I tak tahu Garden international school is not the right path la .. i always thought that it is the correct way ma!! Zzz ..

Thanks Yin Jiet for coming too. Hmm, i have be your guardian for one day!! Thou ur papa asking that are you safe or not, u not with your beloved brother you also will said u are with gor gor. Hmm, hope tat you really enjoy the night. And you are not getting any bully from anyone.

Thanks for Hui Shan, Sook huay, Erica Heng for making the birthday party so successful. Thanks for Darren and GirlFriend coming over to join our party too.

Thanks many juniors For joining this crazy party specialyl dedicated for TwoMAds - JAMES. And SPECIALLY thanks for Ruddy coming over to celebrate my partner aka brother's birthday. Thou we are one second slower than the lucky bastard to get our free liquor. But, what to do, this is FATE. LOLS .. but we do enjoy our night right ?? Dont you all agree ??

The best thing i enjoy most is - EVERYONE is enjoying the night. I have really organised a good party. And i have been a good schauffer. I have done my job perfectly. And hope that the birthday boi enjoy the arrangement i made for him. Thou it is not so perfect at the beginning. But at least i made out all the preparations on my 100% effort jo. I really wish to make things happen but just that everything is fully booked. Luckily we no need to wait long for dinner plus our club session. =) thanks for the network i have too.

ALIGATOR GOZAIRIMAS to all of you for making my organised party so successful and making the birthday boy so happy. Thanks you all.

p/s:i have spend RM40++ phone bill on someone special. Hmm, i learn a lot from her and hope that what she advice me will benefit a lot. Dont knwo what to say, just that Merry Xmas to all of you. Merry Xmas to, happy new year and may prosperou, joyful plus successful year of 2009 waiting for ALIGATOR to all of the members for making this wonderful night so happening. i never thought that i can make it so successful at all. Really. At least this time has proved that i got such power to make things happen. Love Ya all. winks... take care.

Thanks daddy Joseph for greeting me Merry Xmas. I felt touched. Because u seldom greet me. This is just one of millions that you talk with me. Among all, i felt so touch bout this xmas greeting. Thanks Dad. I LOVE YOU. TAKE CARE DAD.

X'Mas Eve aka viriginity vulnerable night | Hee-P BirdsDey to JAMES

ahaaa ... ahaa .. keep your hands off my girl !! Hmm .. today actually is not a good day for blogging. But now i have no mood to do my work !! Since got tonnes of proposals need to be prepared. But thinking of holidays is just around the corner, so i better give myself a break for two days !! should not always make myself over tension. Later a lot sakit here n there. So better relax relax. As what my papa, sister, irene berry and all my Papi-s telling me all the while, must rest enough before you go to WAR, must not make yourself over stress as you will lost your sight of bigger vision on the world. So, i choosed to rest today !! (ngek ngek ngek, this is the excuse for lazyness instead of admitting that i m lazy to do things now Xp hohoho)

Xmas eve should be a good party nights for everyone. But have you guys ever heard the story of Xmas Eve??? Is something related to P-E-R-V-E-R-T. But it is fxxking darn true in today's society. Okay, lets figure out whats all behind this story. What will you guys usually do during christmas eve. Nah nah nah ... dont tell me that you going to church, bcoz i WONT Believe all this craps. Most (i think 90%) of the human being (Yound adult la of course) will attend party with friends. Then especially those evil minded boys (LOLs, it including me myself) will try to HUNT (we called it hunt? or we called it date !?!?) those imaginary, dream, ideal (what other words can i use here) girls and enjoy the whole night with them. Huh, are you sure that we just wanted to enjoy the whole silent night with them during SILENT NIGHT, HOLY NIGHT?? Lols .. whats more needed to be discussed over here when i put the title as in X'mas Eve aka Virginity Vulnerable Night. Then the continue part of the stories you guys can really figure out yourself lo!! Hohoh .. remembered, Play safe safe ark. Must practise SAFE SEX. Because i dont want to angkat anymore 'RED BOMB', no more to give ang pao to attend your SPEEEECIAL DINNER.

Finish the crap of the day !! Lets PARTTTTY tonight. Here i sincerely wish Happy Birthday to one of the MADness- James 23rd Birthday, My beloved big bro aka dai lou Wei Jen,Lee 22nd Birthday ( Sorry for not attending your Party last week as i m busy with works), and my best siao lang Ta Po Kawan in Balik Puntar Wei Lun 22nd Birthday as well. hope that this coming xmas, also your birthday might have some good dreams and wishes come true on three of you. Enjoy your big day PAPI!!

This note is specially dedicated to my brother James, Hey Papi, thanks for accompany me doing all the great stuff that is part of my dreams. Making our first business grows, bringing it to known by the world. Making our own name known by most of the public. And finally we get richer than current life (perhaps we can clinch to the Worlds TOP 500 Richest Man) and making our own parents proud of what we have achieved. Thanks for spending time to build dreams together. You are the one teaching me use US instead of i or u. Because from US we can make millions of magic to the world. US is more powerful than anyone else, and US is a cover part of our weakness when we go out to face the giatns like Air Asia or Maxis. LOLs... i enjoy the days we spend together and love to spend the rest of our time to build our dreams together. WE both know that we are going to success. Just that we are too young in this world, our eye sight is still not so experience compare with those big boss-es out there. But, WE will strike most of the industries soon. This is our DREAMS. And happy 23rd birthday to you, MAD MONKEY(hohoho ... i ususally call you Chuchu PIG,right?Churekei)

Random Post

Pictures Speak Million , so i would rather stay quite for today post instead of writing a lot. Oh ya .. may go to for more update on my business and events that i involved recently.