I'm Alex :)

A: Fun Night Out @ Changkat

Weeee .... Xiao Wai not here then we going out to Chang Kat to have our very first ADULT session. hohoho .. there is really a lot lot more different then D.I. Hmm .. would prefer to go there chill chill already. Because it is so relaxing and the customers there are so SYOKKKKK. Compare to D.I. haiz .. no fight at all la. They are in the premiere class. Hmm .. Next stop will be Hartamas. So Hem Bangsar, nothing to do over there , wasted our time + petrol only. Grrr ... OMG, how come nowadays Chinese chiqs love to stick with Gai Jin (Beside Chinese , Other races is referred as Gai Jin = Alien / Hantu). T. T wasted lar ... sigh .
Huh .. working again ? somemore is the same old job !! hope you will do well then .. nothing can be talked more right ? this is your choice , no one can stop you . :) all the best then ...
Hmm .. have taken two quick test and the results is shown below , i m particularly damn agreed with the first test but the second one ... er , somehow agreed also . Since i myself is not alert with the own attitude also :(
( In the beginning phase of couple, i will be very into it and serious about the relationship. But, im those type of jumping into another new relationships if we could get before MARRIAGE, and i would not stop either of us from getting to know more friends. The choices around me is A LOT, and i can turn into new relationship anytime. But , i m so loyal to the CURRENT relationship, and will always think about my past. IF the current girlfriend staying the time with me long enough, love is strong enough , then i will be hers FOREVER)

(If i have choosen [Fox Family in the Happy situation] , it meant that i m belong to [when i cant stand her attitude anymore, i will straight away broke up with her] type. and the heartless percentage of mine is 80%)

Hohoho .. this kind of test . Damn accurate sometime. :)

and i very very miss my SON :(