I'm Alex :)

Few more days countdown back to my KL life

Hmm .. considered have took a very very very long holidays !! Felt comfortable with my life over here !! But cant escape from getting back to the stressful and busy life again next tuesday onwards. :) got the biggest present from the trip back to Sabah on Wednesday. Hope that everyone will pen down every deals with me before my birthday. Thats will be the best thing i will ever wanted.

Every seconds there is someone suffering at the corner around the world. So please do not tell yourself that you are at the deepest shit right now because you aint know what is going on outside and there is still people dying because of Poverty, running because of owing a real big bad debt, and sleeping outside without a good shelter. So when meet with obstacles, jsut ttry to crawl away or jump over with it. We are not belong to the hardest group of terresterial side since the problem we facing is not threatening our life yet.

When we think this is the best, actually it is only a pass stage ; while when you think this is the end of the world when it is just a little bit of challenges in ur life. :) stand up and be optimistic to face the world. Tell out loud of your dream to the surrounding, they can laugh you, tease you even make a joke on you, but you cant look down on yourself because no one will stand by your side if you yourself is not going to prove it to them. ^___^ i have made one of the joke become true few months ago, and i am going to fulfill my dreams again. Will prove that those look down on me that they are wrong ; because we are what we are when we want it to become real. When there is a will , there will be real. :)