I'm Alex :)

Over Excited After A Period of PArty

Ngek NGek .. finally celebrated my big day with my family, cousins , relatives and relatives. LoLs ...God sister buying a mango cake for me (since her boyfriend doesnt like any other flavour -.- force to choose according to his taste lu), mum preparing the dinner plus arranging the event for me , i love you mum, every year you helped me arrange all this stuff, really appreciate your hard work , muackss to my mum,Mrs Ho, i love you so much !! and thanks for my dad that helping me entertainted all my relatives ( since i alone kenot do so, mum's bro sis all came, dad's bro sis also came along) . And thanks everyone who attended my 24th birthday, thanks for making this big day so happening !!

:) especially thankss to all my small little cute cousins (uncle's son 2 daughters , sis's son , another uncles 2 sons 1 daughter, another uncle one daughter , hmm who else i forget to count ?? ) thanks for singing so loud Birthday Song for me (lols , last time when i was a kid , i used to sing very loud too, now i enjoying those kids sing for me , wakakaka ) . Thanks for making my big day so unforgetful.

Ohhhh... this year no present at all. T.T ..... wahahahahah ... but ang pao a lot , so good !! :) can use those money for my own business. present really not important , money is da best . wahahaha !!!

And thanks for my God sister for spending me tea after my party. After the tea , my god brother called me out for a MAN SESSION !! wahahaha ... thanks for your beer too. And thanks for the chips and fish balls .... ngek ngek .. i knew it is expensive , but i m the boss tonight , so you are going to pay the bill for me . Lalalalala ~~~ ^____________^ what a happy day !!

Oh yea .. and i have 3 wishes this year . Kakakaka .. hope it all comes true on Year 2009!!!