I'm Alex :)

When U say NOTHING at all

its so sweet to read bout elain yong blog. Lols .. how Leslie bully her, how she tu lan alone without getting any feedback from the boyfriend and the best part is how they both enjoyed their life max. Hmm .. its sound like the life i used to be. Yess ... i used to be like that. But, i've been thru all the heaven nigga happy place for a long time ago. Now im right staying in front of Lucifer. Passing the life of what we called HELL. Uncertainty, unhappiness, uncontrollable, disaster and much more yet to come and torture me. But glad that i still surrounded by lots of frineds that are really caring all the time. Yeap , especially you, my lovely brother G8. Thanks for being so kind to me all the time. Being the only listener and secret keeper to me all the time too. And the best is sharing every little piece story of us everyday :) Freaking enjoy staying this life with you.


when i am serious about something, they are always meant to fool me and this is vice versa to those case that i just wanted to play around with. This time really jia lat. Coz i cant have my hand out of the cookie jar. Hmm .. is it the so called paid back from the debt i have owe ?? the sin that i have made for all the time, now one shot give me back + interest also come in together. jia lat jia lat betul. No money also wont feel this kind of stress. Sigh ... you really make me heartache. everytime also no time to talk with me. grrr .... is this really takes a lot time from you to just talk with me everyday at least 5 minutes ?? Fine, just stick to the plan. Forget what is used to be mine. And chase for the dream that is building by me.

Sometime really keep working only can make me forget bout EU. Haiz .. but making self busy cant really forget you, instead it only make me no time to think bout you. and i dont heart to be alone. love to be pampered by you all the while. :(

And it really felt so SUCKS when you said nothing at all ... Sigh sigh sigh sigh ....