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Luckily i dint put my blog into the blog grave yard. Thou i am damn lazy to blog out what has happened on me recently. But tonight mood just came around to force myself to blog out how i feel ..
Been reading on an article by Doctor Siva that mention what a different of Genius and a normal one. Genius itself has talent , apparently im not in this group. Entrepreneur itself has traits, and i fall in this group. Genius doent mean that they are always the succesors. Because without training and practising hard enough (putting more time and effort and learning thru all the hard path than any other else) they would not be a successful man in this world. There is a lot Genius around us. But, why cant we see them make a great impact on their life?? We could just hear and see that they are doing fine at the moment , but not something great in the society or industry they are dealing. Can we teach some one to become an Entrepreneur ??? No .. the answer is no. Because no one can teach you how to success unless you are paying more effort to seek out the truth by yourself. Einstein is a Genius, Tiger Wood is a Genius too. But there is more specialise or Genius in the same industry as they both do. Why are they both more outstanding than any one else ?? Thats simple, this is because Einstein never give out on any chance to read on any Physics book that he can ever get, Tiger Wood training so hard (really hard , spend almost all of his time on the driving range course) to fine tune his performance thou he won most of the trophy during his peak period. So .. thou i am a great failure in most of my project for the past 1 and a half year. But i do think this is the path that an isolated soldier that must go thru and experience before we can really make our name big enough on that particular industry that we are interested in. Because we need to practice, practice and practice in order to sharpen our skills. Learning is a life long process that make you become more perfect and outstanding than any one else. I am still a kindergarden student in the market, thats why my business seem like so dull and have no growing sign at all. Because i dint find a good way to fine tune my skill. Only thru learning and practising hard enough than shall your business flourish. And one more trait - persevere , it is the only way to make you a great entrepreneur in this world.
Chinese always said ' The great fear of man is entering the wrong market and choosing the wrong job , the great fear of woman is marrying the wrong man' . i knew that i have been started the wrong job for the past 1 and a half year. Thats why i turn back to the most basic work -- joining and fighting in the perishable good market. But most of my friends and family members are disappointed and frustrated to the decision that i have made on my life. Why not i choose a typical employee life and enjoy the fix payment that i can get monthly ? Sometimes, they really do not understand what i really want , or what i really doing all the while. I have tried to let them know , but just that really no one can understand and fully support on what i am doing. I felt so disappointed on it too. The most terrible case is , the one you loved most is not standing by your side when you needed her most. She not only does not understand what i am really working on, why i am so stubborn on and she does not even SUPPORT me at all. There is one guru on my entrepreneur journey told me that , this will be a hard one if you choose to be the freak one (entrepreneur) as we do not have a proper income during our beginning of journey because we need to build our base, market ourselves and sell as hard as possible to the others. But be steady, you will see the return after some times and during this hard time, even your friends will laugh you, your family not support you, but you must find your loved one to keep stand by your side until you win the war. *sob* For me, i do not possess any of it - friends are really not supporting me at all, family members are frustated on my decision, and the one i loved is not thinking the way that i had now. We both lost the sync that connect us together. I have lost the encouragement and power of push to work after a small chat with her few hours ago. You have seek a good life that you wanted and we have a deal to live great thou we are apart. But do you know , i never blame anyone else that i have had a pathetic life for this 2 years. I have been worked so hard , tension on my living , scratching my head days and nights for solutions and living in loneliness for 2 yearsss . My life plan is designed mostly based on your lifestyle. When you dumped me and flew away to Aussie, do you think bout what will i become ? What will the story of mine will turn to be when i am without you. I have a chance to go back hometown and work and live my life peacefully in the small yard with my family, but i never choose that because this will not be your ideal life plan and i decorated it with some flowers (stay in KL and work) and waiting you back. But .. there is always joke from GOD arrangement. We are no more in relationship. And until the day you are going to graduate (1 more paper to go), im still penniless, still without making any great sign of progress. I am not blaming you that making my life hard because this is the path that i have choosed. I know you felt angry , disappointed , frustrated when you heard bout news that related to me. Do you think i am that kind of persons that will not change when i have learnt from the past or do you think i am really those type of persons that rumours always spread ?? Close friends of mine knew that i am a good fella but as what impression always get the first point - i am a jack ass. i do not know how well do you know me , but if you do not know that i am not the man people gossip bout me , i am really fed up on this. What i promise you i will always complete the task. Because i knew i owe you too much. And i have open a lot blank cheque before. Thats why whatever you asking, i will grant your wish true. Either you changed a lot after you had your OZ life or i had change nothing rather than become more naive on everything that i do. I used to be a boyfriend that will seldom make promsie come true and lie to girlfriend whenever i can -- but lessons taught me that it is not the way to keep your relationship lasting , thats why i change to be more obedient and always tell the truth although it will be hurting. The best is - if i give you a promise , i will do it. No matter how , you are important in my heart as well as standing a very vital place in my family hearts too.
Thanks to my sister, michelle , for trusting me and supporting me all the way. Thou sometimes you love to nag me but i still love you. When things not get on my way, i am really frustrated to myself and hate to talk with anyone. my previous project mostly turn into rubbish because we do not practise hard enough thats why make us fail in the market. Our ideas are the best among those proposed by others , but just that our experience is not rich enough , there is less buyers come in for us. i do not regret on the experiments i have gone thru because i know i have learnt a lot from it . Gained a lot from the lessons too. This time , the last chance that i give myself to gain the first basket of gold- we let ourselves participate in perishable good market. We have a great bargain power , powerful back up and the best products among those in the market . If this one could not work things out , i will really get myself pack up and go back to my home town to stay with my parents forever. Sorry pap and mum that i putting you both as a last resort. Hope you both understand me. Friends that do not know what i am really up to lately, i have pull myself out of any other projects rather than fully focus and maximise my fire on the vegetable industry. Becoming the collector and wholesaler of vegetable - supplying it around Malaysia (if we got chance to do it as exporter , we would like to :) ]. Holding my degree and selling vegetable in the market, a lot of people is laughing at me . But who cares ? I will make my own chapter flourish with pride and money , i will start my Holdings from vegetable business. I hope i can success this time . Because i have no more space to let myself get down anymore .