I'm Alex :)

Not the Story anymore

Just went to Phuture and Poppy Garden for a chill session. Thou im not that aggresive for club recently. But from the invitation of partner's brother - Chris Ooi, i got to get my ass to Phuture no matter how. We just need to pay RM 50 or RM 65 the max according to Alvin Leong , Chris source man, but end up when we went to Phuture , there is an event happening there - Keep the Music Clean and No Drug. OMG ... one bottle of Henessy cover 5 heads charge us around RM 500 , and in total it cost us around RM 90 for one night of spending at Zouk , thats out of our budget, and thats the consequences of listening some jackass opinion of promotion of bottel before 11pm. Silly Alvin Leong digging a grave yard to all of us - Fuck him !!! Thou we paying extra than what we have expected but we are really enjoyed the night since everyone in the club is on the high class level. :) We really enjoy caused the service provided is at a 1st class level plus the most of the patrons over there is fall in the high class level - at least there is no LaLa Gang over there. Basically, i dont get fun at Phuture because Henessy VSOP is not my favourite. Hmm .. but Wei Jen and Joel at Velvet do really surprised me and made my day. I enjoyed chilled with them in the club. Hohoho ... okay .. i especially enjoy chilled with Guywayne Low and James Lim in the club. Because both of them really stand a special place in my mind + heart.
RM88 does not end the day of me at Phuture. We went to Poppy Garden to find Wen Siang. His siao nang friends were all in the club and open the bottle like no body business. We reached there around 2 in the morning. But we still get to enjoy the drinks thereeeeeeee - our beloved Chivas. We popping around , bumping around and sipping around in the club . We were really insane in the club because we are really releasing our freaking tension in the club. I knew that i must work farking hard from Monday onwards in order not to furking foul me out from the game - thats why i forcing James and Ball to rush order from our potential customers. we are really working very hard to get our mission done. our mission is not 1 time game - but it is a continuous game play in this industry . we hope to get more suppliers that are really interested in distributing Cameron Highlands vegetable / perishable goods to the local markets / exporting it to overseas.
I pumping around in the club, finally , GOD has a special arrangement to me - i dont know whether it is a good one or a fark one. Lily (she said Lilian is the best name for her) that i met in the club , i thought i myself first day knew her , but she said she met me before (2 years ago plus im wearing a cap in the club and i am freaking cool that particular night) . i hardly agreed with her impression on me because i knew im a beast in the club for the past few years rathers than acting cool in the club. ARghhh .. no matter what .She is the 2nd Irene Berry that i found in my life. She possessed 95% of Irene Berry trait. Really .. i farking tell u really 95% same as Irene. Thats why i am so stun in the club and enjoy seeing every act of her in the club. She, as attractive as Irene, as talkactive as Irene , as stubborn as Irene , the best is - she is as young as Irene. I, Alexlynn, cannot reject a girl that is almost fall in the best category of my life - Tattoo , Bracer on teeth and Long hair ... at least she hit a 50% from my 4 requirements. I am farking happy with it . Ya .. im like a sleeping child .. cannot make a desicion so serious. But i can really tell out my own feeling that - beside Irene herself , Lilian is the one that is really can replace her standing within my heart. :) i hope there is no friend that will really ramput with me , because i m not kidding this time ... If she is the one that is 95% similar as Irene .. i will go after her FULL FORCE .....
Yeah Yeah .. Irene birthday is today - 13th June , She is way too busy to talk with me over the phone because she had a lot of activities that her friends arranged for her . I hope she get surprised and enjoyment from all of the arrangement. Because i dont plan to see her felt sad on her big day. Sorry that i have not prepare any present for you but i had promised you a pair of diamond earring , come and collect from me when you come back malaysia. Actually, i miss the scent of your body , miss the white stocking that you ask me to wash for you and miss the shirt that you wear for sleeping :S ! Please take care over there .. hope GOD has a better arrangement for both of us - because i not plan to work anything on our relationships already .. since i cant see any feed back from it .. i better use most of my time on Vegetable business ... :S sorry my beloved.
I loved you guys that still beared with the believed on me .. because i wont let you guys down ... i will prove it within 2 weeks .. just wait and see. I love you guys ..
- from aLexLynn- aka HCY of son Joseph and Rita ...