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Over Estimation

This is the feeling when you have the less expectation when the fact is most of your friends is reading your blog ---- hyper active. Since most of the friends will know the story line of it. Okiee ... i have argument with Irene over facebook on the matter of 'there will be never the same again once it is broken' phrase. i insist that if you glue it back, it will look the same beside that you still can see the crack from the outlook of the broken materials. But in fact, it depends mostly on how you see the things itself. If you think you can work this out , fuck those pesimictic viewers .. because they fucking jealous on how you cherish and get the best out of the best, they will try to prevent you from getting it ... they are almost EVIL for it.
Some tell her that , if once broken , get a new one as the only one solution to solve the problem. And some tell her that it is good to look forward and get a new one as life is like that once broken get a new one is the best solution. But i have enquiry of all of the experienced that surrounded me - one of them told , only rich bastard got the thought of that replacing any broken issue within your life , this included of love story , the most memorizing story and even thou to replace their fucking beloved parents if it is broken .. fuck it belinda .. fuck you indonesian mind !! You may suck our cock if you want ... Secondly, one of the guru told me .. i have the best mind in my age ... because i encourage people to cherish the one that they possess now. Broken means it is disappearing .. as long as you put it within your heart .. you will get the best out of it .. unless your heart is faded with the matter . So sorry to you Mrs Chris Ex-Gf that i cant freaking agree with your point .. because your life is pathetic but my life is full of surprise like Super Mario Game. And as conclusion, most of the gang is happy with my opinion that i dont put much effort on the relationship matter as i am freaking emphasis on the career story.
Thanks dad that you finally get to know what i am doing and giving me the mentally support that i wish to have all the while. You will never know what kind of torturing life i have experienced all the while .. but i will really provide you the best that i could afford for the remaining of your life ... i love you mum and dad. muakcsss ...
And especially thanks leslie chan for leading me to a good path during the one hour session in old town kopitiam. I never realised that i can learn such a teaching from you .. i finally know that girl is not greedy while they possess quality .. just that everyone of us is avoid to be painful or we called it we love to have short cut to get happiness. thanks dude ... i will remember your teaching ...
aiyoyo ... finally went in to the pasar for some fighting ... hmm .. a big debt coming soon .. but it is within my budget .. hope nothing bad will happen and we can handle this ..
GRrrr ... wen siang .. you really mahu cari mati .. sendiri happy happy over there hor .. bawah the one you suka and enjoy right .. and tell me that she is Lilian kawan right .. =.= Zzz ... sei zai bao .. enjoy more la .. i will curse you to the max ...
Okie bah .. got eyes read my blog mean that you know the story line .. i dont want to comment much until further advancement of the story .. i love ya muackssss =3 !!!! keep it rocking ...


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