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Typical & Traditional Advertising Versus TwoMAds advertising

ADVERTISING is a paid form of communicating a message by the use of various media. It is persuasive, informative, and designed to influence purchasing behavior or thought patterns.

Traditional advertising is a one way of communication. They prodive uno information to the audiences. Examples of it is newspaper , magazine , flyer , Signboard , Tv , Radio and so on. All of this typical mechanism of Brand Information Dissemination is really not so efficient comparing to the latest way of advertising such as Internet advertising and others creative advertising suites. will bring in more creative advertising tools to the world ,especially MALAYSIA. Since headquarter is based in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. So , whats so good with creative advertising. Lets see ... first baby is Pixel Advertising. Huh , it is yet another copy-cat idea from the legendary Alex Tew art. But , we can assure you that this is not the typical Pixel Ad. bring in more features to the Pixel ad itself. Creating a Two-Way communication between Advertisers and Audiences. How we do this? Simple, we leveraging on the Social Networking tools like creating group in Friendster and Facebook. By there , we have our own Die Hard Fans, everyone seem like chasing for the prizes we are given out. And from here, will make sure that all of them will read and browse thru advertisers homepage at least once in order to get the prize. By doing so, Advertisers brand will be exposed to our community. And from there , if any of them have a problem , they might use the solution that provided by our beloved advertisers. And by advertising on , local brands can seek more market than the current one they serving. Since Internet is a world wide market , it would not limit to their local supplies only. This is why Creative Marketing Suites are now so popular among the market.

Why we need to advertise ? Because we want to create a brand awareness ? Because we want to tell the world we are offering solutions for their problems ?? Nononono ... the end result of advertising is ----- Bring in more SALES for the company. Lets do the calculation now , the cheapest way of advertising now is get a space on Print Ad. But , all of this is just a CHAPTER of advertising. If the potential customers never get in touch with the advertisement , then it will lose out their meaning of advertising with the print ad.

Comparing with TwoMAds Pixel Ad is offering a same efficiency but yet longer horizon plus CHEAPESTTTT rate on town advertising solution. We are also one of the chapter Advertising solution. But , provide a guarantee 3 years period of brand building and advertising solutions for the world. An average of 9cents of one day advertising on yet Advertisers' brands will be exposed to the WORLD MARKET. Compare to the exposure , we can label us as Top perfomers. If you want a targeted audiences, we are saying NO ! Because we do not limit our advertisers brand to only what they thought it will be real. We are PROFESSIONAL in advertising. If a market would need to be limited , then i can tell all of the bosses out there , do not waste your money to be invested in the advertising tools you are going to engage with. Because it is not worthy. Example here , headband is used to be a girls accesories. Most of the advertisers will only aim to advertise on Magazine related to Female fields. But have they thought of it that Male do need headbands too ?Although this is a small market for them , but if they want to lose out their market share comparing to few of the advertisers who are using a more complete way of advertising in order to grab all of the markets available to them, then it is fine for us. But if any of the advertisers come and seek for advice from us, we will make their CENTS come into SENSE. is valuing clients budget. WE are not going to earn away clients money without providing the results that they are seek for.