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What if ...

lols .. been out from blog for quite sometimes. Hmm, thou have decided to start write something beneficial to the readers, but tonite, i must write something bout my life, really. Okay, lets start with informative content. Today topic - Do u Want your partner (GF/BF) to success in their career?

Start asking yourself, do you really want your partner success in what they belief is right ? If the answer goes to yeaaaa, then u must support him in every area , agree-ing with him on what he thinks is right, give comment whenever he/she ask on some matters, advice them if you really felt that he/she is confusing with.

Example: Yea, go ahead with what you doing, i will support you all the way, no matter what is the result , we will walk this path together.

This will plant a good mentallity and spirit for him/her. No matter what is the final result that will come to your partner, never scold or insult or ashame on them.

Example: See, i ask you dont do that , now lose money lo !! Naa .. this is what you want right , told you dont mix with your gang, now fail already. You see what have you done, how many times have i stopped you before, see now this is all the mess you get by not listening to me in the beginning.

Do not ever try to crush their confident. Because , you will really ruin their whole life by doing so. This can be compare with chopping a big tree with a small knife. Everyday u just need to swing your knife on the tree one time, sooner or later, the tree will fall down. This same goes to the confident that you are going to build on your partner, if you scolded him everyday, sooner or later, he will become some 'rubbish'. So, do start praising your partner always in order to make them success in the future. Start saying: Dear, you are so smart. I have all my faith on you. Just do it. You sure can make it one.

=) okay ... back to my personal life. T.T Yesterday just went to Low Yat to get my very first Lap top. Hmm , been struggling with my work that is without own lap top for almost one month time. Finally, decided to get one since we gotta do a lot presentation plus emailing plus a lot a lot more work to settle, so better get once to ease all of this burden. James bringing me to his friend's shop and buy. Surprisingly, his friend really give us a very special price. I bet that no one in Low Yat can get the cheapest price than i do. My Lappy suppose to be price on averagely the cheapest from the other shop (RM2030) without 3GB RAM. But the same spec and with 3GB RAM, i got it for only RM1800. Lols .. it was like ... omg , i got extra budget to buy other accessories for my Lappy. So happy that i can get it at a cheaper price. hehehe ..

Hmm .. hime berry went to melbourne for her tour today. Hope that she will get my jersey, or else, will bully her son once she bring him back to KL. kekeke ... And oh ya, my bunny peggie is like so bahagia recently. Somemore will go and get her LG phone soon. Happy to hear that she is good with her current life, at least, thats is all we want to happen right? (suo hao de xing fu ne) lols .. i not yet download the song and listen, if you free, send to my mail ... wakakak ...

Just check my personal email, my dad is like so cooollll !! Telling me , Boi , you are so man, right white tiger , left green dragon , middle with a standing angel. Wakakaka ... somemore, telling me that , you ONLY CAN patron once in a blue moon to the HEALTHY club with friends for gathering. Do not go to those JAB-BALAN club as it will give me a bad image and will spoil my business career. Lols , this one sound like James has told me before. Hmm , really must consider on all my action jor , since i carrying my company image, kenot spoil it on my hand !! haha .. but once again , i really want to thanks my dad. Because i really felt the warmth he want to send me, Love you always, dad.