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Why Most of Malaysian E-Boutiques Fail

Have you guys wonder why Malaysian E-Boutique is always have the same faith of closing down their business after few months of struggling in the market? This is simple, because most of the victims are Dummies in leveraging social networking tools. It includes me -- a better dummy compare with the others , since i am on my learning stage of using the social networking tools in order to get a maximum impact on business comparing to just shouting out loud for business only.

Whats social networking ? lets google it and see - Social networking refers to a broad class of web sites and services that allow you to connect with friends, family, and colleagues online, as well as meet people with similar interests or hobbies. Actually it got plenties of definition , but i found that this one is the most simple yet complete ways of letting u guys know what is a social networking .

Sound simple ?? but when you really want to work it out , it is pretty tough . Okie .. lets count by your own self , how many tools have u leverage on in order to make your business known by others ?? Msn , MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, E-MeiMei, E-Kawan, Yahoo Messenger, Blogspot and a lot more (Perhaps can help you boost your traffic too,check it out at . How many of us can really spend at least 2 hours perday in order to manage all of the tools i have mentioned above in order to gather the people around for the same interest ?

There is always a trend of laggard style in Malaysia blood !! Why and where is the proof ? Blogging sounds like very 'in' and trendy for Malaysian recently . But the fact is ... US have started blogging 'N' years ago. When they start dumping away Friendster like what Malaysians do now, we as a Malaysians just pick it up and start to cherish and learn the tools that they are starting to leave behind. Okay , another instance . How many here , following my blog really know what is TWITTER ? i'm not refering the cute little bird out there , is a one of the social networking tools offer in the market. i bet none of us know bout it !! Because i cant even search any of my friends who using it beside Lim Ya Feng who has forget bout twitter few months ago too. This is why Malaysian E-boutiques are fail all the times. Because they never cherish the tools that will help them grow big. Their vision is too small , everything gotta do it manually . why dont they try on some auto respond email marketing tools that will save their time ??

Hmm .. the lessons behind all this argument , Malaysian Y-Gen human , please learn all of the social networking tools right now because in order to make Malaysia strong , we need to have more advance and up to date mind chasing the latest technology in order to steps further than the current spot we are standing.

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Credit to Mr Lim @ for guiding me and hinting me on all this intelligent stuff. Go to for more good and better information , his articles will benefit the rest of your life. =)