I'm Alex :)

When Lights meet Dawn

wow .. crazy saturday night ... totally lost in the crowd. Love the way how i drown inside the playground. Its like you staying in some paradise. Thou i knew that this is not a healthy lifestyle , but what to do , its saturday nite - one and only night that i can let my wildness be crawled out from the inner self.

ZzzzzZzzZ .. without silly wai existing, there is always lack of the fun i search for . Just like when you having your McFLurry without the Oreo Chip and M&Ms beans , its like kinda lack of the sensation i want . Baka wayne , faster finish your exam and we goin to ROARRRRRR like lions !!

Great ideas shall never fall off. Great ideas only die when you dont carry and execute it on the correct way. Wow ... i love my dad. I've never think that he will lead me on a hilarious way. Yeap, i admit that i am still very fresh to take on the post of a leader. But i promised that i will grow up and pick up the pace that a leader should have. Thanks dad .

O.O'' ya ya ya ... beside learning the way that i always dream of , i have a good partner too . Another Ape - JAmes. Lols .. everytime he seemed like the one who help me solve my problem when i m totally lost on the T-Junction of lifes road. kie kieezzz ... i m the one who do not have the number 5 in my life . AGreeing with what you said , lols .. but you going to be the light that i need along the war path we going out together, right ?? ngek ngek ngek .. i got a SUPER BIG BIG 2 within the inner me. so , no worry , presentation thingy i sure can make it nice nice one . But graphic and art thingy you are going to be the commander lu ~~ Xp ... save me lots of time from those tedious work , i can use it on kap-ing lui ... muahahah XD ...