I'm Alex :)

O.o ... Amazing !!

Lols .. my dad came in to the study room and look at the monitor for just 1 second and he said : playing facebook ark !!

Zzz ... amazing , nowadays parents are learning quite fast too. LoLs .. especially for those who living at East Malaysia , memang tak prepared that they will know what is facebook , friendster or blog . Lols .. because most of the uncle i met in Semenanjung , dont know what is Google, but they knew Youtube, Youporn , Redtube , er .. what else , Malaysiakini and those blog that is 18SG or 18SX. Lols ..

but my dad is .... GENIUS. So IN lately, will use wi-fi ( hehe .. paiseh , i myself also rarely connect to wi-fi) and will use pda online to watch news and send email . T___T i cant barely send an mail by the stupid so called high tech PDA !! Zzz ...