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Okay .. actually i planned to write a post bout my life for so long. I really meant it !! i dont know got how many of you still chasing after my blog. I hope to get a lot of comments on this blog so that to prove that you guys are still reading on my blog. Okay .. lets start the story.

Few days ago, i am really lost out of my mind. Whether i am still worthwhile to stay in this pretty world. I am in financial distress, career blurness and future darkness. I, without any burden now, also can felt financial distress. This is because my business is not going along the plan that i have did. And the economy is so sucks that hinder the process of my company loan and it make us to slow down the recruitment of right staff to promote my business. Beside that, even when i got the income from my work, i do think that it is only enough to cover the worker paid and the fixed expenses. But not on covering the salary of mine and my partner. How pathetic it was to become a boss like me.

When friends asking bout my business, i really dont know how to reply them. If i reply bad, i dont know what wil they think. If i reply good, i dont think they will believe. And if i reply so far so good, i do think that they know i m cheating them as i want to reliefe their concern on me. But in fact, my business is hitting the most down side again. TwoMAds is actually meeting with financial distress after a series of exhibition and we found out that Malaysian market is freaking out of date compare to the nearest country of Brunei, Thailand and Singapore. Do u know why i said so? this is because a lot of firm do not emphasis on the e-marketing side. They really dont know how powerful are the e-marketing segment. Okay.. maybe im the alien from the group. I came from a small town called Kota Kinabalu which is located strategically in Sabah or aka BORNEO.But how come i can feel the best part from E-Commerce? Because when you read from the influencial blog from the world, you will know why even bloggers can become a millionaire. People will leverage on a high hit blog to advertise some brand. But malaysian is not the same. They will only keep advertise on the lousy and out of date medium - newspaper, flyer and magazine or radio or tv. Dont you think this is only will limited your market to certain area only? Or this will increase the cost of reach (cost of advertising to reach per persons) since you are only target on someone who is within the area that you are advertise. Yeap, this might be a good choice for you to advertise thru all this all medium. But can anyone of you think of the GLOBALISATION term? why dont you just save some money to advertise on a better channel to reach more market so that you can hit more in one promotional activity ??

Secondly, i have a thought of suicide recently. Because my life isnt going the way i wish to. I am in a deep shit of financial distress. My business is not going well. Plus a lot more moody things happened. i really think on how to suicide before. To eat pill, to cut nerve, to jump building or to do something extra ordinary to die. But after a long thought, i realised that my sister is so loving me, my family always open the door to wait me, guywayne is always be there when i needed him most, clive liew will sacrifice his rest time to accompany me, irene will stop maple to chat with me and call me when she know i want to talk with her, Sook huay will help me keep notice some job to reduce my burden, Ball will accompany me playing sports to relax the extra nerve and sweat within my body, and many more will help to think bout me first before their place. From here, i really know that i am not so easy to die because i am the evil within any groups of my friends. And GOD will not let bad guy die so easily.

i have my dream to earn at least a RM 100k within 1 year of business ,but dont know whether this year wish will come true or not. i have visited my playground so often recently. from there , people will think we will go flirt and know girls. But for me , i just wish to go there enjoy my alcoholic session and listen some pop music. I have no other means.

okie .. i am freaking tired of this page .. lets bath and sleep and will continue on the part 2 soon.


DarkKnight said...

Sister comment :

I know SHE will understand & will support you. And you said she wouldn’t follow you come to KK, did you ask her before?? Maybe YES… now she said don’t want but doesn’t means that next answer are same. You should start here & show her 1st , if she can see you are living Good here, sure she will follow. And if she is really loves you, wherever you go she will follow. 愛 是 恆 久 忍 耐 , 又 有 恩 慈 ; 愛 是 不 嫉 妒 ; 愛 是 不 自 誇 , 不 張 狂 , 不 做 害 羞 的 事 , 不 求 自 己 的 益 處 , 不 輕 易 發 怒 , 不 計 算 人 的 惡 , 不 喜 歡 不 義 , 只 喜 歡 真 理 ;凡 事 包 容 , 凡 事 相 信 , 凡 事 盼 望 , 凡 事 忍 耐 。 愛 是 永 不 止 息 。(歌 林 多 前 書 13:4-8)

DarkKnight said...

Sister Comment:

Even how your business is not that success but you will be success in your work, who knows one day you are the GM of the company you work for & you also got your own business just like my friend & my ex-GM. It is just the timing, like me I am still waiting for my 貴人. But must 知足lo And now I got a better job (so far so good lar), & maybe my boss is my貴人also, I means I never know… coz in this period, economy were so bad & I still can get a new job with quite Good pay. So think happy, work happy & live happy ok!! Anything can’t solve just let us know because we are family. And remember 家門常為你開 & I know you got lots of Good friends…

DarkKnight said...

Sister Comment :

The followings is one of my friend posted in facebook, it is really meaningful



但 - 快樂,來得快去得快,而需要花費多少的精力去得到,