I'm Alex :)

time FLIES

Grrrr ... monday ,tuesday , wednesday, thursday ... One week 7 days !! Opppss .. today thursday again . I wont realise this is a thursday by not seeing the calendar from my lappy. Sigh .. time really flies. My mood is hanging on last saturday night tea time gathering with friend plus sunday morning going to cycling at shah alam and was lost during the journey to that park. Time really goes bit by bit and never slowing down at any moment. But ... im still that ZERO at all.
Hmm .. was wondering how was Sense start his own biz by Zero to Hero !?! How that fatty start from Zero too? im really amazed by their milestone and achievement now. was wondering is it that im not belong to the unique one and shall get back my ass to the normal liFe. [woot, am i too moody recently or am i really making decision to go back to the no turning back road of everyone else??]
*cough cough* *flu flu* , shyyyyt !! im still not yet fully recover from my sickness. Yet, i still go for badminton and jogging. =D amazing ~~ i still can jog well !! Nah .. but i still not yet win any of the badminton matches i've played. OMG ... what a noob !! kakakak ... but one thing to be proud of. Lols .. i spoiled one of the bicycle last week !! No one does before but i did it. LoLs !! i cycled till the chain of the bicycles tear into two parts... wakakak !! Maybe i cycled too fast =.= 180km/h !! LOLS ... *sad* end up forget to take down the shop number, forcing all of us accompany me to pull back the bicycle to the shop and ride on a new one. =.=' Zzzz .. everyone is so tiring that day. kakaka .. we still plan to go for Durian but luckily there is no one selling that day. Or else ... Lols .. the ending would be all crawling back to the spot rather than cycling bak.
Hmm .. anyone up to cycling again this weekend ??
Holla my dear. Knowing that you are going to move house soon. (i think within next 5 hours) becareful ~~ ask Benji help you to carry anything that is heavy bah. Or can force Poh Poh to take all those stuff. You just need to bring Xiao Yang and In Du Mei go to new place ok jo. And yeap , the nice pillow from me too. Dont forget take it .. ngek ngek .. suruh your ma chai to help you move house okay jo. kakakak Xppp !!
Kieee .. time to stop all this bull shit again. Back to my work .. ZzzzZzzz .... someone give me a helping hand please. I cant see the front road. T.T i cant see my future.