I'm Alex :)

Thanks GOD and i have return

When i needed her most. She is always not free. When i felt upset most, she will appear. GOD love to fool me around. Maybe i am a puppet for HIM during my time at HEAVEN. But nevertheless, 愛是恆久忍耐,又有恩慈;愛是不嫉妒;愛是不自誇,不張狂,不做害羞的事,不求自己的益 處,不輕易發怒,不計算人的惡,不喜歡不義,只喜歡真理;凡事包容,凡事相信 ,凡事盼望, 凡事忍耐。愛是永不止息。(歌林多前書13:4-8) rules my life. Thanks for teaching me so much Sis.

I have had thought of giving up my life like that but i am so wrong. Thought of giving back the life to GOD. But The Almighty has send a messenger to me that i must cherish my life because if i were to end it, i must ask from permission from my parents, not the Almighty. HE, the LORD, has send messenger to tell me that life is full of uncertainties, the more i solved , the more i will gained. And do not forget to give more rather than ask more. And i love you again Sis because the LORD has send you down to guard me all the while from doing silly things in EARTH.
The LORD has given me signal that friendship blossom and business nurture. I felt the real meaning from it. know who should we invest for , what should we into at, and why should we enjoy on.
Woot .. i have lost my cable .. thinking of uploading some fried rice pic here. Thanks for Jessie to cook for me tonight. Thou is not as nice as my mum's cook , but is a DELICIOUS spicy seafood fried rice. Somemore all the way bring to me from Puchong, thanks !! And oh ya .. i have washed the container, you can come collect anytime you free. hohoho .. this 38 mui really funny one, call me shorty in fact i taller than you 3 CM leh ... u know how is 3 CM looks like , take out middle finger ... look carefully ... thats almost that range la ... kekeke !!
=.= jie jie , apa i in the pub ark !! how u know ?? takkan u can see me one ark ? or you use friend finder check my location ark ?? This is so not true leh... cakap i in the pub. LoLs .. actually i in the club ma .. Wohoho !!! Kidding kidding ... =.= faster come over KL, want force u spend me a lot of things .. kakaka !!
And i will remember that house door always open for me when i felt like going back. But, i dont hope to go back with two sikat of pisang (plus an empty bank account). Must get something BIG,REAL, WORTHY, STATUS LABEL [hor .. what this mean ark] and something more important before going back. Ngek ngek .. something more important macam a wife la .. a galfriend la .. hmm , need to show to nenek one leh , i think she stay upthere wait till neck long liao lo .. not yet see any of us bring back good gal. KAkaka .. thats why never come my dream and tell me what is the next jackport number.
wuuuwuuu (this is the sound of crying , jessie teach one , but we used to call wuwu as T.T or sobsob) , my leg is injured. Silly new shoe ... omg betul ... too tight !! >. <>
Irene Teng, apa tu ur lappy not good enough ark ?? you take yours and compared with mine , whose one more worst ?? T.T still want ask for a new lappy from me ... sob , i the one should ask from you leh. O.o you poor meh ??? AUD 500 for rental is consider cheap leh .. what la room small small =.= purposely want force son go oioi on floor then tell la. Said he willing go oioi on floor one wua .. i tak percaya one loh !! He is so soft leh .. go oioi on floor , he terus can become ice cream the second day , =.= sure you always kick him down. OMG betul you ark ... torture own son.
Before ending this entry , would really love to thanks LORD. because they will always appear when you least notice. They will send different kind of messenger to tell you whats your next step. We always felt we are the most unfortunate one, but in this world , more people is less fortunate than WE. so , better dont complaint too much when we got shelter, entertainment and family.