I'm Alex :)


she is still so caring bout my business after all. but she is so blur at all. Dont know what am i doing. Fine .. as long as you are supporting enough (mentally) thats pretty enough for me already. All the best for you too. And dont always go out play play and slacking till stomach masuk angin. =.= hug your baby la ... he will protect you . hoho !!

Grrr .... she never know how important that she is to me. Sometimes silly , sometimes smart ; Sometimes cute , sometimes pretty ; sometimes annoying , sometimes caring. Thats how i describe her. Thats why my parents love her. :) i think it include my sister that super LOVE her too. Because she is way tooooooooooo ADORABLE.

wish that i can turn back the time. that i have never made so much mistake. and never been thru all this pain. now , it leads to another life. another new me. another more insane dream. hope i wont get lost again. scared to face with the dark side anymore. wish to know more things in advace just like a prophet. and more things can be under the plan. Lazy to play with game of uncertainty and surprise. itssss so LAZY to face it all.

its a nightmare every morning when i wake up that i figure out i still miss the face. a trouble to bear with every day to miss her. and a debt to pay for the next one i love.