I'm Alex :)

Surrounded By ANGELS

Groooooommmmmm ... now then i realised i have been surrounded by angels all the while. But i still like blaming The Almighty never take good care of me. :( Sorry the LORD !! i have been in-touch by angels all the time. Only that i never cherish when their existence is around me; regret when they are leaving. Typical human - and i am just another normal being in this planet earth.

Gii show me the path of life and swear in front of all to trust and belief each other no matter what and when and how. Now only i know and see how stupid am i making all the complaint after all. i should just belief in Gii and live my life to the fullest.

Good to stay in home and have a cup of coffee and think think think for what its been thru all the while. Solutions will really come if ya' paying enough attention and time to think. would like to make a quick U-Turn if everyone will forgive me for what i have commit wrong recently. Now i really have 'gam jing fo ngan' already. Know who should i invest my time with, who should i pay more attention at and who should i gather together for. Dont f***king want to waste any of my time anymore.
i aint perfect, so i do not expect you are perfect