I'm Alex :)

The story of Cry Cry

hmm .. why so many people asking bout me the emoticon of crycry !! okay ... i got it from mr ^_^ (clive) . since my new nick is mr @.@ , because is so blur lately. LoLs... every day blur with own work , blur with the time, blur with the meal .. and blur with $$$ !! Omg betul ... but my bestie mr =.= every day so tired. work from 8am - 4am (the nextday) pity lor u , no worry , gor gor will buy u tong sui !! hoho .. gambateh bah =.=san !!
crycry because clive taught me to be tough when facing this kind of troublesome matter !! dont always ask for something when there is too tight in the timeline. somemore , you dont own it. instead you should be steady all the way. let the things crycry back to you. hohoh .. f***king agreed with you. will let it crycry back to me. LoLs.. baru i crycry back to it. then it will be better right ? ngek ngek ... :)
Grrr ... clive ark .. the crycry really come back jo wor !! though is not what i think, is not what i wish. but hor .. the crycry thingy really funny la. suddenly appear in my screen .. hoho !! life will be wonderful if everyday will happen something like this to me.
okay .. back to the tea session. mr lee told me how to shut the girl mouth who always asking for prezzie when they are just sitting at home doing nothing. LoLs.. is same theory as baby, when they are whining, put the 'zut zut' into their mouth. when we called our baby who 'aji ajo' over there, we put 69 as 'zut zut' for them too. muahaha !! you this evil la mr lee. LoLs .. five 7 dit go find customers la , dont always sit there lan lan gu with me.
i heart batman. because he is rich. he is good at night bad in the morning. i love the way he is, love the lifestyle he owned and wish to be exactly the same as him from now on !! Gogogo .. work hard in order to reach the dark knight lifestyle :)
huhu !! tomorrow going to cycling again. anyone joining ark ?? mr fei zai clive want to go , so surprise he is taking the initiative to ask us for cycling oh !! hoho !! takkan the sun rise from west ?? wakakak !! XD