I'm Alex :)

Job of Dark Knight

Huh !! duno any of my readers still remember what is the story flow of the Batman : Dark Knight Movie !! if ya still remember , Then it is very good ! Because i felt like i am living like a dark knight lifestyle now !! Really .. 99% similar !! Beside not as rich as Bruce Wayne , i think i am some how similar mind set and similar experience as him !!

Ya .. from now on , maybe every week only will have a 2 posts update on my blog , because i am too busy to online for blogging !! Everyday is filled with my job !! Nothing else but Job !! But it is a good news !! for now , if i felt free , that means the particular day i have no income , if i am very very busy , u all can congratz me ! ^____^ because i get paid from the job i am involving now !

Why i have the feeling of being a dark knight !! because i felt the pain of loving a lady who is loving other guy !! Hmm .. sound so pathetic again ?? no worry !! i do know what mean by the rule - what start here should end here !! thats why i have a solid reason to stay calm all the way when i felt tat i m silly enought to believe something which is not going to happen !! Hmm .. Pisces is always surrounder by nice thing !! And Pisces cannot live well without LOVE !! I damn agree with it !! Without love , it is equal to put a fish to live on the land !! So it wont happen right ?? it is same like asking a Pisces to live without love!!! Love is like water for me!! without it, i felt very suffering !! But , i do know what is most important right now to me !! Beside career , nothing else i should put on the first place !! really , what is planned from the past is not waiting for execution !! If i dont take it seriously now , i really do not see any hope or miracle will happen on myself !!

Oh ya .. happy moon cake festival to all of you !! :) and , welcome to !! IT is official launch on 14 September 2008 . Welcome to purchase a piece of history !! Hmm .. if you dont , please recommend your friend to purchase and thanks for your supporting !! Thanks !! :)