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Financial Crisis Hitting All over the World

I do remember what i have told most of my friends during Olympic period !! There might have possibility that financial crisis will hit into our country because if China dint manage well or what is planned is not happen as expected, the world will be hit by financial crisis. Now, China is not hitting by any mean of Financial Crisis but they faced with some serious issue recently. The Milk Powder with the trademark of THREE DEERS is labelled as a TOXIC product in China now !! It is reported that it will harm the infant health and within 6 months of continuous consuming, it has a high chance of killing your baby !! So, please spread this news out. It is a very critical issue in China !! It is proved that more than hundreds of infant is in critical status now due to long term consuming of that brand of milk powder.

Whats more hitting my nerve now is the famous investment banker - Lehman Bros. Inc is filing for bankruptcy due to unable to find investors or companies to buy out them. This is a serious issue for all of us. Maybe not many of us know who is Lehman Bros, what do u guys know what is Wall Street ?? The long time rival for Wall Street is Merrill Lynch (owned by Lehman Bros) . So , this is so call 'domino effect' in financial term. One bad thing happen to either of the big players and this consequence will bring a series of happening event to occur to the world. Oh.. US so far, Malaysia tak pandai kena one la !! NoNoNo .. Malaysia is slow react to this event because everyone is reporting the HITZ 916 event !! But after today, the Lehman Bros event will cover and take all the headline of the paper in Malaysia !! Bankers and Insurance company will tighten up their credit level towards the market and we as a consumer , will have hard time to apply for LOAN or so call Mortgage.

Okay , for those who are still paying their long term obligation , it might not effect you at all ! but for fresh nut like me who is planning to buy some fix asset now does really affect a lot !! Rate will get up higher in order to minimise the effect of default by the applicants. Then the rule will be more strict for applicants. More details need to expose to the banker before you got ur Loan approve. Plus rate and price is always in a opposite direction. Means that, higher rate , lower price ; while lower rate , higher price. T____T buuu ... in conclusion , we are paying a much much more higher interest to the banker while getting a lot LESS LESS loan from the banker itself.

Moral behind this serie of bad things happen recently, please invest and use your cash or any financial things wisely. Because recession is going to hit onto our land. :) Spend wise in order to avoid any sufferness in the future .

Any latest issue on Lehmans Brother Inc you all can type the name on the GooGle or any other search engine to read more !! :)

And oh ya ..go back home earlier dudes .. Those rulers always bringing the society more troubles !!