I'm Alex :)

Soooooo ...

Lols .. so , i m like a missing child !! Hmm .. thanks for caring everybody !! i m not MIA-ing !! just that i was sooooo busy on my new job plus busy-ing with my fibre business for the past one week!!

oh yea .. finally , get the jobs done !! got promotion from the fibre job! and ya, i love my new job. Haha .. talking bout my new job, this is a new firm that is full of potential to conquer the Food and Beverage industry Online Advertising in Malaysia. Hmm, is it i will feel hungry when i doing my work in office. The answer is - YESSSS! >____<' especially during the morning, when i was assigned to get contact with food blogger within Malaysia, those picture taken by those blogger is killing me. Making me felt hungry mentally and physically. (T____T) what a torture for me!!

And ya , why i so excited towards my new job. Simple reason, i find a new place to let me show out what i m capable of. Ideas are all what i have. Planning is the best of my weapon. When new boi enter small firm, this is the best chemical reaction will happen -- BIG IMPACT on CAREER! i rather not choose to work in big firms as there is less chance for you to perform. What is laying in front is routine routine and routine works. I really dont find any challeges or interesting to lure me to big firms unless they offer some position like CEO that will fully let you control the game. :) And i found very weird why still there a lot of newbies joining the big firms and dare to come out show off in front of me! Puiii puiii puiii ... Think twice , you just aiming for the big $$$ they offering you, not any place that will offer you big potential on career advancement or not any place that will let you build up some DREAM. Nahh nahhh .. whatever it is, i am happy with my current job and i will do it to my best.

Eeekkkk... talking back to my own web advertising, oh ya , i have learnt to use the term -- this is just a SOFT LAUNCH on it. We will be back on track very very soon (Zzzz ... the designer of mine is really dragging his job which should be finished few weeks ago) ! ! Hmm .. any enquiries can call me or leave me an email. :) Those working hard to get sales for my web please contact me personally as i will discuss in details bout the commission part.

Hola , this part going to be the most excited part that's waiting by most of you guys. Er ... oh yea , i think most of you get the picture of my story here. Since it is very verry dangerous to mention the real occassion over here, so just let me put it as Mr S (S stand for Siao). There is Mr S which always doing silly move to me, acting he knew everything, acting he is more experience, acting he is the MAN of MATCH, acting to be more mature, acting to be more handsome, acting to be more LEADERSHIP plus acting more and more things which is really pissing me off. Lols .. Mr S loves to nag me, scold me and posing in front of me. I bet that he is not know me well. If i am going to react to him, i guess he is going to whine like a big baby out there. This is the first time that i met with someone so EGO. He thought he is the one that will make big hits in things that should be done by a team but i think he really dont know what i am capable of. Lols ... fine. i am not those kind playing face to face game :) i am a mind killer plus peace maker. No matter how DULAN i am towards him , but i still gotta smile and say hi whenever i see him. But hell yea, i will making him suffering in his days soon once i get ready all my things. Scold me more and you shall know what is the teaching from me.

Dont Mess With The Zohan is really a So Hai movie. Lols !! Dont know what to write in order to review this movie. But when i first saw Zohan hitting his heart and slapping his own dick , i linked it to Danny Liew. Lols .. guess that he must love Zohan much over Sydney there. wakaka ... Danny's characteristic best fit with Zohan. Hahaha .. doing some extra ordinary stuns which i label it as CRAZY and bumping chiqs like no body business. Lols ... =/ but dont know how the heck is the fella life over there. Seem like no news from him ... Ah Men lor .. maybe too busy with job over there !! what a pity child ....

And buuuuu ..... i found out some Blackies Cave within SS 15. Kekeke ... who wants try Black? Can ask me for the exact location. p/s: Once go black never go back. Wohohoho ... want tries, i can lead you to the 'O O' place.