I'm Alex :)

Oh yeah

hmm .. sorry for being absent in this blog for quite a time. Because im engaged with my work now, so its a bit busy for my days. Morning is normally pak tou time with my company , because i got to learn from the company and i must perform in it. I felt happy with my current company because it offers quite a big space for my creativity. And i promised to perform to the best until the day i left the company. Hmm , for current situation , i really dont see any excuses which will make me quit the job. I love this JOB!! And oh ya .. i dont want make my blog so dull , so better stop talking my job things. Hmm , okie i am busy in the morning till evening, i should have time for blogging during nite !! But it is sorry to tell you guys that , even night time i also spend it on my own business. So basically, i will only have some FREE TIME for blogging during weekend or before i go to bed every night if im not too tired.

Hahaha .. my Fibre business grows !! Congratz to myself first. And yea yea , Good luck to botak plus congratz to fatty mel too as he get promoted too !! :) and bout my web advertising , first time i felt that i am the man. I dare to command directly to the designer. Hmm , maybe frens are right, i have create a wrong relation with the designer , should not treat him as a friend while working !! He is my worker and i am the boss !! and this will make things progress according to the schedule . Thats my fault which making my web launching delay until now !! Baddddd .... =/ !

ya o .. how come so many friends shock on me that i am going to get a car by myself ?? Am i that sucks that cannot afford my own fix property now ?? cheh .. this is because you never know me well , if not , you might knew that i am afford to buy myself things that i want from this month onwards !! My life is going to change from this moment onwards !! And i shall create another history for my own !! O ... i will not forget to say Thanks You For Guywayne and James for helping me so much on my business !! And ya ... Melvin also has lend a helping hand on my business too !! Thanks for being so kind and helpful to me !! If not , i dont think i dare to go buy car for this very critical moment . Not dare is due to i am not afford to do so !! But the situation for now is , i am afford to do so , then why not turning my lifestyle into a better way ?? hehe .. anyway , thanks for friends who really spending time to create businesses with me !! We shall SUCCEEDD DDDD no matter what !! Thanks !!

i dont know is it good to copy a friend of mine blog to my own blog !! but will ask for her permission first !! because i think one of her post is stunning !! ANd it will create some HYPE on my blog !! wait har .. i go ask for her permission sin before copy-ing it to my blog !!

oh . .its time to say good bye !! tomorrow still have to work plus tomorrow night is a busy night for mua !! so .. night night to all my readers !! Love ya all !! (^_______^)


Jenna said...

when i go to kl make sure u have time to drive me around in ur new car.. lols

DarkKnight said...

no problem la .. lols .. become ur 24hours driver oso no problem !!!
but u gotta paid for the toll !! petrol can let me settle myself !!

and oh ya .. one roti kosong plus ais kosong for me too Xp ...

u better faster come bak KL ark .. dun stuck at Aussie there d !!!
ang mo kia not ngam u .. there is a lot good choices available in KL !! XD