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Report in | Visit TwoMAds at Pc Fair 2008

hmm .. i have been discussing , mentioning , promoting and acknowledging my for quite a time. But i guess, not many of you knew what is really bout on Okay .. lets brief you guys whats is really happening and whats doing. founded by two partners - thats me and my another 6 based friend James. We strongly believe that pixel advertising is still working for many of us. So, we both created Pixel is what? okay , basically when we turn on our monitor, what we saw , read , exposed on is making up by millions or trillions of pixels. Wow.. so how are we going to advertise with the mean of PIXELS. Hmm , then you guys should enter or for more information lo!

Then is nothing fun with it what since we just want to make money from advertising industry. Nononononono .. you guys, no matter you are an advertiser, a passer-by, a viewer, a LEPAK-er and anybody, you guys stand a chance to win away good prizes from Just join in as members and answer those questions monthly then you will stand a chance to win away a lot fabulous prizes. =) thats simple , no gimmick !!

And is going to have his road show during Pc Fair 2008. So, just walk in and visit us that day . Details below :

KLCC 12th - 14th DEC (Kuala Lumpur)
19th - 21st DEC (Johor Bahru)

Ipoh area we still deciding whether we should go or not since we get to know that the traffic over there is not so optimistic, so there is basically 2 areas we are confirmed to have a road show there. And oh ya, we might fly to Sabah too for road show. More details will be uploading here.