I'm Alex :)


phew .. finally i got what means by life direction !! i've found what is the hunger within myself. Ability ? GOD's gift ? Or the nature of myself ? i really not sure !! but i am god damn sure i am kind of risk taker. No risk no fun !! i've born in a happy family , but just that not the rich kinda kids !! but i am happy with my networks !! All of them seem like a good guidance for me. And i have make a big decision in my life --- Selling Creative Suit to the world market. i seem like always dreaming bout all this buss, but now its time for me and my partners to make dreams come true !!

Creative suit ?? what is that !! no one seem like getting what am i doing !! Lets separate the two words , creative and suit !! Creative mean something different , or something special Suit is a thing which is in a complete set either is services or products. I'm heading to a new market -- creative suit market . From there , no one can determine how much is the products market value until that your services are really getting attention from the world. And oh ya , creative suit is hard to create by yourself , you are either improve the current old ideas or you really a genius , creating something special and offer to the market.

But i'm a smart ass , always referring others ideas and improve with my own formulaes in order to make it more complete....

Booo ... thou i'm hit by my own emoness this weekend , but nothing can stop them from supporting me all the way !! And sob .. why when i was so down that time my besties are went back to hometown !! haiz ... sigh !! haha .. at least still got another monyet stay in subang and 'tam' me all the while with the buss we are going to launch !!! haha .. gogogo , Mitsubishi Lancer X GT 2.0 is waiting us =) work hard to get it !! kekeke !!

and here , i want to promote MEE JAWA la !! a shop name MEE JAWA is super delicious leh the cuisines they offering !! Must order MEE Jawa + Roti Bakar + Minuman Kedondong , tell you , after you ate this set of food , you will really know what's called by Finger Lickin' Good ...