I'm Alex :)

Such a long time , my small little yard is empty

Hey, i am back to blogging !! Hmm .. really .. for such a long time , i never update my own blog !! not even come to my own blog pay a visit ... sigh !! Pathetic !! What makes me so busy ?? haiz ... can tell u guys , everyday for the past one week , i was like going back to home at 12am .. then sleeping around 2am , morning 830am is having my ass sitting in the office already !! sound pity ?? but for me , i do think this is an enjoyment !! i love the life that i m having now !! But i just felt disappointed on the plan i m having !! Looks like i've a high expectation on my plan , but the result coming back is not as ideal as what i have thought. I think this should be a challenge then every risk takers are facing !! If the hurdle is small , just leap and move forward ; if the block in front of u is big enough , but i m riding a big and fast train , i should crunch it down and move forward again !! This is what i've learnt from those old folks who kept telling me do things must persevere !! if not , i wont see any success from it ... Yeap yap, i agreed with what they said .. and thanks for the advice !!

And hmmmmmm .... talking bout any big news ark ?? I dont think i got any big news !! beside that someone is calling me just now , i thought what she wanted to say , end up just asking for some small assistance !! Hmm , but it is good enough already !! Since she is willing to call for my help, thats mean i still have a small place in her heart !! ^____^ (ways to tipu myself , dont learn me ark , i scared later you guys will have split identity within ur inner self)

Goshhh .. always go out and do sales , fibre also stop minum for 5 days ; just now sit in the toilet , the feeling is like , what the heck , my ass is so pain !! T___T haiz , this is the moral of the story that being stopped to makan fibre , Ass sure pain like heck when we want to output the wasteful product from our intestine. Hmm .. And ya ya .. to all of the readers here , please do take care of your own health , the weather is changing quite rapidly recently, so drink more water and dont terlanjang while inside your own room !! and yaya , rest more too ! if not , nanti the immune system goes weak + the white blood cells goes strong , GG + for you guys , sure will fall into big big sick !!

hahah ... okie okie !! got facebook account ? please do join and opt in as a members there , promise .. really , next friday , two tickets for Quattro entrance will be given away randomly by !!! just go facebook account and search for group TwoMAds , join in !! thats the simple step .

And here is the announcement : For college students who wants to earn money from part time job , please do not hesitate contact 012-351 0990 and ask for an interview .

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