I'm Alex :)

h0me sweet home

bEEN really busy lately... first of all. need to find investors instead of waiting the old group of investors. Luckily let me found two , hopefully both also will knock head and pen down agreement with me . Hope James will get investors too. Because really lack of fund now. If not .. i think my name is like a BIG BIG hitz in Malaysia jo. Hmm ... Have been arrived home for 2 days. But felt like so uneasy here. everytime cny also will make me have this type of bad feeling : because need to do this and do that , listen a lot of instruction .. bla bla bla .. head gonna burst .. too much things to do for a short time. ZzzzzZzz ..

good news for me , OX year is really a GOOD YEAR for me .. Lols .. a lot of project now is going on track ..

and ya o .. i m not missing la ... i just reached my hometown plus not yet settle down ma !! thats why seldom online !! Duhhh .. banyak orang ingat i lari !! haha ... i m still here .. tak ada lari pun !!

and oh yea .. An early greeting to all of you .. HAPPY CHINESE MOOO ~~~ YEAR !! tips to earn extra pocket money during CNY : Call Police station if your neighbour is main FireCrackers ... bcoz governement will reward those who report the law breakers !! kekeke ...

checklist for new year : new baju - yes , new undy - yes , new stocking - yes , new pant - no , new shoe -yes , new haircut - yes , new fragrance - yes, new girlfriend (Lols .. ) - NO !!