I'm Alex :)

STATistic for

its such a long time that i dint update bout my details and progress of the creative advertising and revolution of pixel advertising -

here is some of the fact 12th jan our exposure is 6829 hits and 201 unique visitors. on 13th jan our exposure is dropping to 6212 hits but increase to 242 of unique visitors. on 14th jan exposure have a big rise to 6986 hits but unique visitors drop back to 241 people.

its really a good improvement for us. 2months of a web. having averagely 180 unique visitors perday. and having a 3million plus plus ranking around the world. it is really very difficult to reach that standing if it is without the support from all of my beloved friends here. Thanks for keeping our dream alive.

And to the personal life of me .... I am ..............

SO FAR SO GOOD.its better to say that .. i m better each and everyday. LoLs .. more and more creative plus gold digging ideas are coming out from me plus each and every of it is launching and progressing slowly. Lols .. i am goin to be very successful soon and am going to be RICH !! wahaha !!! thanks god !! HOLA ~~