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True Fact of Parents

LoLs .. i have never thought that a parent will always have this kind of attitude. I mean, this attitude is mostly possessed by most of the parents out there. They always said no in fact they want to agree with you. They always ignore your point but in the heart they are freaking supporting you. Last time when i discussed with James bout this topic , he got the same point of view too. But personally for myself, i never have the strong feeling / experience before. But for this Ox Year, lols this great feeling is flying towards me.

=.= daddy friends are praising me for whatever i've done ; but my dad is funny , he will comment those things i done as BAD or NO GOOD !! But , i can see from his eyes that he is darn happy as his friends are recognising his son works. :)

Okay .. Chinese New Year Holiday is like a ROCKETTT ... fly high and with maximum speed. 3 days of CNY is passing with a blink of eyes. And everyone is going back for their work. My brother went back to his work few hours ago, cousin is all flying back to their work few hours later. But for me, i still lengan lengan waiting for meeting with boss few days later. Been so nervous to meet my new boss soon. Hope that everything is fine and he will pen down an agreement with me :) Ahmitof0 .... pray hard hard !!

Has anyone thinking about the top 20 works that will strike a balance of time and monetary repayment?? What i mean is , work less for more money , or even work less for the same amout of money !! Here is the report from BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistic from US) the top 20 works that give more while u pay less effort(as in time spending) :

1. Aircraft pilots, co-pilots and flight engineers
Hours/week: 23.5
Hours/year: 1,215
Annual earnings: $119,658
2. Biological scientist
Hours/week: 38.4
Hours/year: 1,992
Annual earnings: $65,329
3. Biochemist and biophysicist
Hours/week: 37.5
Hours/year: 1,947
Annual earnings: $69,681
4. Bus driver
Hours/week: 35.9
Hours/year: 1,613
Annual earnings: $26,107
5. Clinical, counseling and school psychologists
Hours/week: 38.1
Hours/year: 1,693
Annual earnings: $59,595
6. Dental assistant
Hours/week: 35.6
Hours/year: 1,849
Annual earnings: $30,895
7. Desktop publisher
Hours/week: 38.7
Hours/year: 2,007
Annual earnings: $36,858
8. Directors, religious activities and education
Hours/week: 38.1
Hours/year: 1,978
Annual earnings: $48,243
9. Educational, vocational and school counselors
Hours/week: 37.9
Hours/year: 1,712
Annual earnings: $50,075
10. Fitness trainers and aerobics instructors
Hours/week: 38.0
Hours/year: 1,976
Annual earnings: $35,262
11. Insurance underwriter
Hours/week: 38.6
Hours/year: 2,005
Annual earnings: $63,157
12. Interpreters and translators
Hours/week: 34.1
Hours/year: 1,687
Annual earnings: $35,853
13. Law clerk
Hours/week: 38.4
Hours/year: 1,961
Annual earnings: $46,539
14. Law teacher, post-secondary
Hours/week: 35.2
Hours/year: 1644
Annual earnings: $158,353
15. Miscellaneous media and communications workers
Hours/week: 36.7
Hours/year: 1,852
Annual earnings: $38,698
16. Optometrist
Hours/week: 37.7
Hours/year: 1,959
Annual earnings: $103,375
17. Psychologist
Hours/week: 38.2
Hours/year: 1,722
Annual earnings: $59,543
18. Speech-language pathologist
Hours/week: 37.5
Hours/year: 1,611
Annual earnings: $53,499
19. Telephone operator
Hours/week: 38.7
Hours/year: 2,009
Annual earnings: $29,877
20. Tree trimmers and pruners
Hours/week: 37.2
Hours/year: 1,898
Annual earnings: $35,644

Personally think that this kind of job is like a special department for some of the expertise, not all of us are suit to this jobs . But here is the reference for any of us who would like to strike for some good paid work while spending less time with your job .