I'm Alex :)

4 + 5 = ?

hohoho ... im a healthy young man right now !! is having my 4 + 5 rest time daily. Hmm , always sleep for 4 hours during nite time (thats why i wake up at 4am and start working or doing my own job). Then during noon time , will take my 50minutes nap. Kakaak .. is it a normal and healthy lifestyle ?? ohhohoho !! dont care la .. as long as i happy for now then enough jo .

But darn scary la this few days. My housemate (everyone should know which one i refering) is like a farker . Always dont lock the door . somemore suka suka wake us up during 6am to reverse car for him. WTF ... #$@##%$ tak tahu people still sleeping one ark !?!? But he dint lock the front gate, making most of us so scared. =.= somemroe ivan is moving hse to the next door , no more gate locker to lock the door before mid night. Sigh ...

>.> 3hours ago. was wake up and having my bath (so enjoy , take a hot bath during the cold mid night) , after that , writing the proposal for Air Asia plus writing some note for Benson (i knew you always rush me for the write up of the Youth club, but sekarang baru ada masa buat ini). Hmm , then email-ED my client. Hohoho .. surprisingly he got an immediate response to me too. haha .. end up , close deal !! RM200 untung. =/ but need to ask James to send in the order first !! :)

hohoho .. and after 3 hours of working , i watched Prison Break Season 4 last episode (i never knew that episode 16 is the last one,and i should have watched it last week but i am too busy to do so, sigh ... ) and it is damn gan cheong la !! Lincoln is going after his own mum aand he doesnt realise it !! haiz .. hope his mum wont die like the dad .. SOB !!! >.> before i start this blog, someone important pop up from my contact list .Zzz .. she online for 1 second and appeared offline after that , telling me waking up so EARLY (11am she referred this as early, now then i know what mean by early , wakakaka ) in order to pack her things and going to move to a new SMALLER house , since the current house is too big for her and companion , so she decided to move to a smaller unit (i claim it smaller since i said she move to bigger hse , she disagree that ) . and oh ya , scoled me BAKA-s for N times within 10 minutes of chat , baka bcoz i said hihi , baka bcoz i put move it move it on my nick,baka bcoz i said i dont have key, baka bcoz i said she is my baka too. OMG .. i felt like im going to be a baka for today !! kena she curse me too many times of baka !!

Cheh .. slowly pack your things la , hohoho !! i goyang kaki and work here . wont stress and get dirty like you , dirty cat Xppp


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=.= mean what !! u oioi during noon time leh !! >.> i catched u too !! Xp