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Zzz... Backed from Putrajaya celebration the Malam Belia Cina with our 'BELOVED' Timbalan Perdana Menteri (Najib) who have a good sentence ' Malay , nor chinese , nor indian cannot live on their own. We must work and stay at a ONE MALAYSIA. im not promoting my website'
Heyhey pak cik Najib, if you are not promoting your website, why are you emphasis and repeating of your website thingy ?? Is it wanted to make us know / remember your website ?? Whatever ... But this function is damn lots people going . Around 3k (as claimed) but i only saw 200 + tables ( i think around 230 tables only) . Hohoho .. Ask all the chinese go for the dinner , but the talk was in BAHASA MALAYSIA . Apa lan jiao ini ?? So darn funny wei .. at least our youth leader talk in Chinese okay o not ?? Somemroe order the dishes is in Chinese style , as if you want to respect the other race, please la order some Kangkung for us ma, at least we know this is a re-union of all the races.
=. = our najib kor kor speech is so cute , malay in the first half , english in the second half. @__@ Malaysia memang boleh , why cant we use chinese in the first half , and indian in the second half ?? Zzz ... what a lame function for last night . Wasting my time ..
But hohoho !! After dinner , have meeting with Benson and Sense , here comes a good idea for me. Kakakaa ... :)
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