I'm Alex :)

hmm ... a busy day again

lols .. what a busy day again !! yaya .. friends , please do not nag me already, i knew i am sleeping quite late every day for the past 3 weeks, i think every day around 2am baru oioi then the next day 7 in the morning gotta wake up and go for work !! Hmm , i think this should be better for me now. At least, i am loaded with jobs and works, and i wont think too much on unnecessary things. GOD BLESS ME !!

haiz ... silly baka hime. Call u all the way to Aussie, telling you Msia is like having tornado and raining every day. But u go to pray that i kena blow away ... Sob !! Mou leong sam betul la you !! -. - somemore want to laugh on my tummy ... Zzzz !! i also dont wish to have a tummy one leh !! but what to do, i grow fleshy already !! muahaha !!

Eeee ... what la you this stupid bear. Still want questioned me why i need to take a RED 7. Hehe .. u should know more well than me right ?? since you are majoring in this particular subject. kekeke ... and ya hor , lols , ur 57 is really worked !! At least , the one you hate wont go near you anymore !! wakaka ... Zzz !! Dont always become pig at home la !! at least take your dinner la. If you faint down , lols that time really gg already. -. - what la , want to complaint my blog making you blur and have an @_@ expression !! Sweat ..

Hmm .. today is really a nice day !! Lols .. client spent me have a nice Korean BBQ Steamboat and some liquor !! muaahahha !! felt so lucky !!

and oh ya , william , dont blame yourself la , i really enjoy discussing and having meeting with you !!~ Lols .. you always arise some questions for me and i do think only in this way we can keep improving in our business, am i right ?? dont you think so ?? hehe .. okay la , gambateh together , hope we can success with it lor !! =D