I'm Alex :)

when u look me in the eyes

huh ?? sound like jonas brother song title ?? Yeap .. u are god damn right !! after listening that song for 15 times continuosly, i freaking got the damn feeling of vomiting !! Hmm , but from the song itself , making my inner self got a lot freaking stupid feeling poping out !! haiz ... what a silly song to make me emo again !!

hmm .. actually leh .. my mood is not really ayer ayy ayer !! But just that im happy with my own prediction !! i knew that the result will be like that for them !! And i betted with myself , even to the outside , i talked so loud that they will have an ending soon !! just that , it is so soon, i also felt shocked !! But , feeling is a weird thing , im just felt a lil' bit of happy on that matter !!
because i knew , she might be head ache over there again , alone or perhaps - pretty poh will accompany her !! Who knows , hope she will be fine !!

Love a person is really a very difficult thing. Is it i always stay with those old folks that make me have an old man thought already. Friends are starting to feel that i act like an ah pek already !! Always gave out some lessons which a young guy like me should not do. And always think too far !! Hmm .. what a mixed feeling la !! I wont care what others think bout me, at least , i know that the lessons i've learnt, and those friends who are still under my guidance, i wont mislead them !! and ... i love the way i move now !!

woot .. should i proposed myself again to the real one ?? Or i still need to bang here and there for a crush one ?? Haiz ... i've been branded by friends as EVIL !! Lols .. i will be a better man , no worry !! And u guys know, i just love to Talk bout those cin kak issue , but none of it i will do ; muahaha ... so i wont care how those new friends put a color eye sight on me !! Because they are just god damn not sure what i m capable of !!

Yeap yeap .. my Almight Lord , i really started to learn how to give instead of asking . Because i knew only learn from give will makes life all around !!