I'm Alex :)

Point of Destruction

sigh ... i starting to feel that i love my business so much !! not to mention that i have experienced something bad on my current job ; just that , sincerely, i would love to put more effort and time on my own business now onwards.

Why working for others not good : First, we can only get little pay by helping them earn big bucks, maybe 20% of total profit they earn ,you will have it in ur bank account every month. Secondly, There is so much dumb ass in the office acting to be so pro. Never have a mind of learning things from Zero, always want to act senior, pui puuiii pui .. useless staff. Third, company too small is not a good things too, because inexperience gather together; end up, whole bunch will turn to be a group of noobies. Fourth, i am like a superman, handling a lot of jobs but your boss still wan a ji a jo to you, felt damn tu lan right ? Fifth, sometime i can work like a GOD, doing a lot of things which are beyond their expectation, but once u relax down and put slower your steps , your boss will start to question bout your working performance already, the moral behind this is that do not show 100% for your work if you do not wish to have trouble in the future. Last but not least, working for others is just like you borrowing back a good lifestyle only, if you dont work , you probably dont have any income to sustain your current lifestyle already. So my suggestion is, owning small business for yourself is rather better to invest most of your time for a company which will not provide better career advancement for you in the futuer.

One word to describe why i love to own business, because i m a FREAK !! A freak which love to take risk; never ever felt boring with the RISKS i am taking. Felt strange how come i can do my blogging during this time ?? Simple, i am spending my time wisely now. While waiting my clients come back to her restaurant (Caffe 1920 @ The Curve), i taking out my lappy and start blogging.

And hell yea, please reflect your own fucking attitude first before come and ask for help. I dont get it why everytime there is a jackass asking for help but never go back and think twice after some ajaran from the previous experience. always be the trouble creator. Piss offfff ...

Okie .. lets list down my one week appointment first, Tonight will go out have dinner with designer aka colleagues. Tomorrow i will hold a meeting on TwoMAds Enterprise @ Subang SS15 with James And William. Thursday will go Sri Petaling meet up with Mr Tu for dinner and take my presents from Sydney. Friday is Quattro night and will go out to meet the lucky winners from the Competition. Hahaha ... Saturday is a reserve day for someone special + might meet up with Uncle Mike. Deng deng deng , basically , this week i only left Sunday can spend with my beloved friends. Who want to go QueensBay Mall ?? Please let me know , because i plan to go there by this Sunday. ^_____^ want to shop for some sandals plus Tee !!