I'm Alex :)

holiday for 7 days again

will be out from blog for this whole week again !! am i busy right now !!
really .. project management reshuffling !! then big news !! i will quit my current job in less than 1 month time !! now going full force on my projects on hand !! Things and situation has change rapidly, forcing me and james must enter back management site ASAP !!

and yeap .. william , you are on board too !! but just that your job will be more into office management. Hahaha .. i am going out to operation sites !! =) and there is a good news from uncle mike !! at least , we proved to him what we capable of , and he is showing his sign of promised to us !! so , just wait till the end of this week !!

i miss my dear + honey + any terms related to her !!