I'm Alex :)


song updated !! :) do enjoy my latest soul !!

shytttt ... been busy like hell !! and in conclusion , i fall sicked !! #@$@#%$ hate this kinda of feeling , sick sick , flu cough and FEVER !!

hmm .. maybe you guys are right !! i am too rush on everythings on hand! Project not yet generate income then goes launch project B. but what to do, this is all interlink !! er .. what so i call is network effect, one will generate income for the others , a complement !!

no matter what , as long as got you guys support me along the roads , i think i am having an easy life now !!! at least, i seeing my own baby growing each day !! :) should be no need to wait for too long then can see result jor !! ^_____^ my condo ... i am coming for you soon once i got a big income from TwoMAds enterprise !! :)

Okie .. Friday's Quattro is awesome !! Have freakingg crazy night with all da friends !! OMG ... all da friends we are refering to 2 winners and 20+ other friends. Lols ... Within 45 minutes, 2 BLack Label , 1 Henessey VSOP is gone !! Within 30 minutes i am sit down like a kid quitely without disturbing others !! haha .. because i got tipsy right there !! haha .. bottoms-up for 5 shots vsop mix black label !! Lols .. terus fly to the heaven !!

woot .. for last night , been going to meet my client in dataran sunway, he is a nice and fashion uncle. Lols .. learning a good lesson from him. Telling me what is so called by Diamond society now !!! :) thanks a lot uncle Harry.

Poppy is like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN all the time !! And we have all the fun last night !!

but whats means to happen there shall end there !! this is what i always told myself !! Ciaoz .. time for work !!