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Lols .. finally , i clean my room !! With the mop that ivan lend me, finally make my room clean clean like a new one !! And i love to work inside my own room now rather than going outside!! Because , this is just what i wish to have. =) Happy to have a clean room ( Thou it is a killing me job ,used more than 3 hours to throw all those unwanted rubbish)

Hmm , yeap o !! show me your indumei alraedy !! Zzz .. got new baby then dont want to take care the old son alerady. Somemore said want to pass back for me take care half year. Excuse saja la you, thought i dont know you want sayang your new baby meh. Cheh .. but if you want pass him back to me, then just bring him back bah. I think he miss Malaysia too. And i think he miss his sister too. Long time never fighting liao they both. LOLs. Er ...bout the DIET Advice ark. Wait me help you find some fresh recipe la. Zzz .. but i dont think you will be a good girl to follow all the recipes one. sure will skip one two meals or skip one two days go eat those FATTY food. Zzzz ... will try to plan for you la !! My advice is - eat more vege instead of fruits. Because fruits got glucose ( will make u gain weight) , but vegetables are rich in fiber but less glucose (or we can say no glucose) . Hmm .. then please dont makan any McD or fast food. Morning must have your breakfast, lunch can eat a lot , dinner less a bit , if possible , eat vege and rice only. Then drink more water. Thats it. Dont forget to go exercise.

Ohh .. now baru i figure out somebody have cut a short hair. somemore is missing from the earth. Sukkie edayo, mana lu la !! how come hiding yourself for more than 2 months. who you want to hide from. I bet that you have following my blog all the while, and knew that you will appear when you feel you like to. Hmm .. just that , dont hide anymore, we are all here waiting you come back !! =)

Phew .. freaking tired after one whole day of exercise : cleaning room , walking here and there , then Dota-ing with silly ivan (since living hall kena conquer jo , those silly asses mah jong-ing and screaming like no body business) and now blogging . hmm .. i am a good boi !! this weekend dint go club at all ... Yeah, healthy life style , here i COME !!


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