I'm Alex :)

Average Mark

Weeeehar , what a wonderful day !! Woke up around 12pm just now !! And SHE told me the assignment mark has released and it was an average of it !! Hmm , having to finish the assignment so rush within few hours still can get a good result , should be satisfy with it already !! =) Yeap , and i can claim my prezzie from YOU soon , since i helping YOU to score on it !! (^^,)

MY GOSH , chi gor Siang , want bring HS lim teh last night but never tell me earlier !! My movie ticket was bought earlier before recieving your text that asking me out for a tea with HS and ur 7 lou gang lar !! wakaka .. *applause* , congratz that you finished your exam already !! =D can celebrate awhile lor while waiting the result release !!

><' its almost time for month of 5 !! *stone* , i still not yet have my idea what should i choose for the present i need to send oversea !! OMG ... running out of time !! >.< , anyone willing to accompany me go out shopping next week ?? do need some girl's friends to give advice what to buy to be included in the basket of presents !! something special as what i usually do for you ? or something simple as what you told me to do for this time ?? YaYa .. YOUR piercing + Earring , once YOU back here , can come claim from me =S


Jenna said...

i think i roughly know who is the YOU... ahem..