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Labour Day

Uhu .. 1st May ,today is labor day , everyone sure enjoying holiday !! but hor , labour is labour , how come students also got holiday ark ?? -.- see my lil wayne, sure still oioi at home, bad boy, assignment still not yet finish , only know oioi at home XD !!

hmm ... labour day also equal to parents day !!our parents working so hard in order to earn a living for us, today is a big day for them, hmm ... i buying my dad a big meal (thou i using his money to spend him eat, how 伟大am i !! ) Lols xD

Fren of mine telling me, Living is hard in this world, in order to live we must eat as full as possible in every meal , dont be choosy in ur food !! T.T now then i realise how hard to start a job of my dream and how hard to earn a living . Thou i has tried a lot of small business before , but this time really encounter a big hurdle in my life !! >.<

Yea yea .. Jenna blog was all full with food , everytime read her blog , make me hungry only .. bad gurl ark !! hmm .. you promised cook for me ark , dont ffk me after i reach to Sydney !! xP and wondering what course u studying now ark ? Lols .. no chance to ask you , so better blog it out here !!

Oh Ya, suppose to write a review on Nanako !! Hmm .. i've found a new playground !! Nanako was such a nice shop to patron ! Nice food , good environment and better price !!

Anyone going to LOFT tonight ? bad boy said tonight got Event over there >.> wanted to go , but was damn broke recently !! <.< still deciding go o not ! Anyone going please leave a MSG to me !! :)

p/s :No worry la baka ice cream candies and anime HIME, will settle ur Qantas assignment ASAP . i need to go hang kai , sek fan , tai hei also ... Since YOU friday got partee too , so i must not lose to YOU, must go relax my body + mind too xD !!

sigh .. today a lot food stall never open for business , what can i eat for today meals ?? sob , really as what wayne suggest , 3 meal all dine at Fast Food shop ?? sigh .. think jo also will feel scary !! >.>


Jenna said...

i'm taking masters of commerce, majoring in marketing. Where is nanako? it sounds really nice.. i must go and try when i go back next time.. hehe