I'm Alex :)


WAaaa... finally finished five days tortured from my work !! My soul was tormented n torn apart by this job !! So tired , everyday only manage to have bread in morning and one box of rice at the noon for the past five days !! T.T

But , finally ... =) free from hell !! XD Sigh .. just realised that i am so weak , work 5 days only then fall sick ! Fever, cough , Flu ... X.x

Hmm ... but through this job , get to know a lot CEO from different industries , get a contact from them !! and my network has expanded !! =) yeap o , and get a chance to find one investor for my business - Ms Molly !! WAkaka.. James , Miss Molly Love you , wanted to adopt you as her child !! xP ,faster go pleased her , so that she will invest in our plan !! =)

okie .. its time to take shower and ready for my MAISON nite ... =)