I'm Alex :)

=S i LOVE Attack Fish Hair Style

No matter what, boss like it or not, i going to continue with my Shawty Attack Fish Hair Styel !! Forcing myself dont go to Saloon and cut hair was the biggest attack for the past 2 weeks !! >.< i dont like to comb my hair , so long , so hard to take care of !! Better cut bak that BoTak gang style !! (^^,)

O yeap, LoLs ... HE said dont want be couple ! HE love SINGLE LIFE !! XD ... And Enemy was spotted again !! Target came out @ OldTown Ss 15 ... wahaha !!! Today gonna camp there again !! Sook huay , faster come and help la ... need you pretend pretend over there leh !!

yeap oh .. good luck to YOU on the assignment + all da best for Poh Poh exam later :)