I'm Alex :)

You Said , She Said

Aiyo .. sorry la Yumiko , i said already asking sensitive issue leh !! You said no problem , then asked jo you cried over there !! lols .. as long as HE saw you crying , i think HE will know what to do !! no worry , i helping you build a good road !! xDDD

Hmm , brother ark brother , ya lo .. shud not go so fast one , eveyrthing oso not yet settle , everything oso not clear yet , everything oso a mystery for us , so , walk one step , watch one step ! dont speak out any decision yet , i respect ur decision right now !! :)

Back to Own Business ... Was trying hard to find a good piece of prezzie for YOU this year , some say buy Pendant , some said watches (but you already own a lot of it , even expensive one YOU also owned a lot , so i dont think YOU will want it ) , or some small small stuff YOU will like ... Hmm , will go out to survey next week with Xiao Wai !!

YOU said , fat tummy no girl want , ask me dont drink too much ! SHE said , this is what century already , must speak out own idea as if i think it is important !! But I said , is it a good move to do so ? or keep it waiting so i can see the FRUIT of it ?? Sigh ... who can tell me what & how i must behave + do !! Really run out of idea and dont know what should i do !! was so blur and blind on it jor ... >.<