I'm Alex :)

Under the alcoholic influence

Phew .. just bak from drinking session @ Nanako !! Friends always told me that, after i drink , i sure will speak a lot, tell alot that normal time i dare not touch topic !! hmm .. slowly, i realise my bad habit too , i admit what they complaint bout me xD !! blurp blurp .. though was a bit tipsy , but still need to continue with my princess assignment , promise her to settle it and pass to her tomorrow , but i still not yet start a word , hmm .. what a difficult assignment !!

alamak betul , sometime when i just request a bit caring from you , not something very extra ordinary or something very difficult , how come you just acting so cool ?!?! >.< as long as you happy , then fine , as what we have make a deal since the last meeting between us , your request shall be fulfilled by me !! :S

hmm .. everytime i close my eyes , lols .. i think bout YOU !! YOU YOU YOU , no other one else , what the heck with this so haiz feeling , am i dumb or am i crazy , so long jor still cannot put it down >.< #@$@#%@$# ... going to be insaned soon ... (T.T)

hmm .. better start YOUR assignment now , if not , later you will complain again ... Alleluyah , bless that i can finish job on time . =x


Jenna said...

who is ur princess? u still havent tell me.. ish..