I'm Alex :)


dont know what to say after my clubbing session !! was so happy seeing everyone of my frens enjoying the nite !! thou getting nothing from it, but i love seeing frens happy from the events we join together !!

yayaya .. i do miss u !! yayaya .. i do make mistake always ...making the same mistakes again n again !! but do u really care what i do right now ?? or do u just wan to search a help from when u face wif problem ?? i dont mind to be the 911 for u anytime , anywhere ... but do just let me know i m over or i m just stand a chance to be the one for u in the future . i m so blur for everything in my life !! work , my plan , my business , my work , and my frens .. i m so blur .. what i can hold , wat can i control , wat can i believe , i really dun know , n i dun wish to know !!!

miss mushroom , miss berry ... some others misses , sorry for the stupid things i have done to all of u !! but .. i really just want to keep my promises to miss berry !! the one n only one !! approve by the Royal family of mine !! Agreed by the Gangs of mine !! and Admit by the GOD of mine !! what else can i expected for ??

Hoe ark hoe , vomit jor still seem so blur , i making chance for u jor .. u r the one never cherish the chance , dont said n blame tat i never make some good opportunity for u !! xPP ... u r the nerdy one tat do not cherish the golden chance !!! hmm .. bout our big boss fei lou , the gal seem so 'lam' u , how coem just holding hand n dance there only , should bring her go down dance floor and show her ur skill la !! what bullshit bout tat u both are not 'ngam' , never try never know , once tried sure will keep demand on it !! xPPP , u should try la brother , later all the other beasts hunting on her !! xP .. but i know u sure enjoy ur nite, thats the minimum of my requirement , ALL OF US ENJOYING the nite .. hehehe !!!

-.- 'guo lan ah po' , dun pretend tat u not happy bout what happened in the club , he holding ur hands , kissing u in the public , what else do u expect ??? cheh ... still wan show off in front of me , wait la .. when my berry come bak KL .. sure dont want 'peduli' u anymore ...xP , will hold hand in front of u , kissing in front of u too , always wanted to show off in front of me ark ... bencinya !!!!

kie la .. is time to oioi ... tomorrow gotta see doctor again .. feel so sick !!!