I'm Alex :)


Sigh ... how come all laugh me that my eye sight was tilt into left !!??!!
i saw what i must see !! and it was no problem at all !! Hmm .. you guys are the one whose eye sight got problem ...

See .. so late already i still can do blogging ... it prove my eye sight was 1000% no problem !! :)

#$@#$ if i am really fell into trouble , KNN betul to the Sabahan Cow who treat me a drink at last !! It was the poison make me so shameless !! T_________T

Wtf ............ But ,i kinda enjoy the nite !! :) enjoy to bump around the Club and MEt wif Ice Man since i was FrozenFish !! lols ... Ice Vs Frozen !! who win who lose , wait to be known the result !! :)