I'm Alex :)


thanks for hsemate : Ivan, Ball Zai, Stephy and Sir Wee to come participate on our clubber session. Thanks for Wendy came for the party too. Especially Clive Liew, thou i lead him to wrong way, he never angry me. Instead giving me chance to be a good leader to bring all of us to the correct path. Hehehe .. sorry that i made a mistake on the next turn. Zzzz ... I tak tahu Garden international school is not the right path la .. i always thought that it is the correct way ma!! Zzz ..

Thanks Yin Jiet for coming too. Hmm, i have be your guardian for one day!! Thou ur papa asking that are you safe or not, u not with your beloved brother you also will said u are with gor gor. Hmm, hope tat you really enjoy the night. And you are not getting any bully from anyone.

Thanks for Hui Shan, Sook huay, Erica Heng for making the birthday party so successful. Thanks for Darren and GirlFriend coming over to join our party too.

Thanks many juniors For joining this crazy party specialyl dedicated for TwoMAds - JAMES. And SPECIALLY thanks for Ruddy coming over to celebrate my partner aka brother's birthday. Thou we are one second slower than the lucky bastard to get our free liquor. But, what to do, this is FATE. LOLS .. but we do enjoy our night right ?? Dont you all agree ??

The best thing i enjoy most is - EVERYONE is enjoying the night. I have really organised a good party. And i have been a good schauffer. I have done my job perfectly. And hope that the birthday boi enjoy the arrangement i made for him. Thou it is not so perfect at the beginning. But at least i made out all the preparations on my 100% effort jo. I really wish to make things happen but just that everything is fully booked. Luckily we no need to wait long for dinner plus our club session. =) thanks for the network i have too.

ALIGATOR GOZAIRIMAS to all of you for making my organised party so successful and making the birthday boy so happy. Thanks you all.

p/s:i have spend RM40++ phone bill on someone special. Hmm, i learn a lot from her and hope that what she advice me will benefit a lot. Dont knwo what to say, just that Merry Xmas to all of you. Merry Xmas to, happy new year and may prosperou, joyful plus successful year of 2009 waiting for ALIGATOR to all of the members for making this wonderful night so happening. i never thought that i can make it so successful at all. Really. At least this time has proved that i got such power to make things happen. Love Ya all. winks... take care.

Thanks daddy Joseph for greeting me Merry Xmas. I felt touched. Because u seldom greet me. This is just one of millions that you talk with me. Among all, i felt so touch bout this xmas greeting. Thanks Dad. I LOVE YOU. TAKE CARE DAD.