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X'Mas Eve aka viriginity vulnerable night | Hee-P BirdsDey to JAMES

ahaaa ... ahaa .. keep your hands off my girl !! Hmm .. today actually is not a good day for blogging. But now i have no mood to do my work !! Since got tonnes of proposals need to be prepared. But thinking of holidays is just around the corner, so i better give myself a break for two days !! should not always make myself over tension. Later a lot sakit here n there. So better relax relax. As what my papa, sister, irene berry and all my Papi-s telling me all the while, must rest enough before you go to WAR, must not make yourself over stress as you will lost your sight of bigger vision on the world. So, i choosed to rest today !! (ngek ngek ngek, this is the excuse for lazyness instead of admitting that i m lazy to do things now Xp hohoho)

Xmas eve should be a good party nights for everyone. But have you guys ever heard the story of Xmas Eve??? Is something related to P-E-R-V-E-R-T. But it is fxxking darn true in today's society. Okay, lets figure out whats all behind this story. What will you guys usually do during christmas eve. Nah nah nah ... dont tell me that you going to church, bcoz i WONT Believe all this craps. Most (i think 90%) of the human being (Yound adult la of course) will attend party with friends. Then especially those evil minded boys (LOLs, it including me myself) will try to HUNT (we called it hunt? or we called it date !?!?) those imaginary, dream, ideal (what other words can i use here) girls and enjoy the whole night with them. Huh, are you sure that we just wanted to enjoy the whole silent night with them during SILENT NIGHT, HOLY NIGHT?? Lols .. whats more needed to be discussed over here when i put the title as in X'mas Eve aka Virginity Vulnerable Night. Then the continue part of the stories you guys can really figure out yourself lo!! Hohoh .. remembered, Play safe safe ark. Must practise SAFE SEX. Because i dont want to angkat anymore 'RED BOMB', no more to give ang pao to attend your SPEEEECIAL DINNER.

Finish the crap of the day !! Lets PARTTTTY tonight. Here i sincerely wish Happy Birthday to one of the MADness- James 23rd Birthday, My beloved big bro aka dai lou Wei Jen,Lee 22nd Birthday ( Sorry for not attending your Party last week as i m busy with works), and my best siao lang Ta Po Kawan in Balik Puntar Wei Lun 22nd Birthday as well. hope that this coming xmas, also your birthday might have some good dreams and wishes come true on three of you. Enjoy your big day PAPI!!

This note is specially dedicated to my brother James, Hey Papi, thanks for accompany me doing all the great stuff that is part of my dreams. Making our first business grows, bringing it to known by the world. Making our own name known by most of the public. And finally we get richer than current life (perhaps we can clinch to the Worlds TOP 500 Richest Man) and making our own parents proud of what we have achieved. Thanks for spending time to build dreams together. You are the one teaching me use US instead of i or u. Because from US we can make millions of magic to the world. US is more powerful than anyone else, and US is a cover part of our weakness when we go out to face the giatns like Air Asia or Maxis. LOLs... i enjoy the days we spend together and love to spend the rest of our time to build our dreams together. WE both know that we are going to success. Just that we are too young in this world, our eye sight is still not so experience compare with those big boss-es out there. But, WE will strike most of the industries soon. This is our DREAMS. And happy 23rd birthday to you, MAD MONKEY(hohoho ... i ususally call you Chuchu PIG,right?Churekei)