I'm Alex :)

Pixel Advertising

Have been come thru an article of how advertising should benefit those who want to engage with them. Actually, everyone do need advertising. It same goes to everyone need to do sales. But, when you ask most of your friends, they will start telling you that, we hate sales la.. dont ask me apply job thats related to sales one bah, i really dont know how to do sales one wor !! You see, this is the typical Malaysian answer. They normally will not think twice before answering you.

Actually all of us is doing sales everyday. For instance, when you go to apply job and having an interview, you are trying to promote yourself to the boss so that they will hire you. It is same goes to sales. You are SELLING yourself for the company. Why everyone need advertising. Simple! what will you do before posting your job application to the company?? Are you preparing a CV? Have you skip to send your CV before meeting any manager for an interview? The answer is NO. Improving your CV and make it looks more professional same goes with Advertising yourself. Your CV is your advertisement bout all of you. How you want people position you, how you want your target audience fall in love with you, its all need to be done with a perfect CV or i named it as ADVERTISEMENT bout yourself.

People said i start insane as i keep on chasing my dreams without knowing where is my boundary and limit. But they really dont know what m i capable of. They think we never made a good planning before taking action. But guess that they are all wrong. i have been went thru a lot with a good advisor leading me to become more outstanding than others for more than 1 year time. Have lots more teachers who love to help me whenever i want and guiding me throughout my road to pursue of DREAMS !

A lot people criticising why we never make a move to have a press release on my pixel advertising medium in order to public aware on us and we can ride on the vehicle to sell more of our pixels. Hey there strangers, thanks for your advice. But what you suggested for us is already within our planned before we started our business. Please do not under estimate the power of TwoMAds founders because both of us is using our brain to work, not using our mouth to work. We've been thru a lot of bad experiences. And we both are GEMs in the companies we served. Just that we both have our own dreams to go for, thats why we not planning to work for others for too long.

Actually i m a threat to all the staff in my company as they scared that i might rip them off in order to climb up to the upper management position. Even my boss is scared off my ability to outbeat their company. But no worry, i have my own way to go. Wont participate and create too many unnecessary platform to compete with the current markets. will only invent and participate in unique markets.

Just like what we are dealing now - Pixel Advertising starting in Malaysia. Its totally unique market for Malaysian. Okay .. less bull shit as i need to get back to work. :)

Joke of the day. Story of ABCDEFG and GFEDCBA

A Boy Can Do Everything For Gal ; WHILE ; Gal Forget Everything Done & Catches new Boy Again. What a good joke of the Day. Thats why nowadays more boys want to suicide after got dump by their girlfriends. Silly ACT.

Hmm... finally , what i waited for so long is worthy for my patient and time. i got what i want. Got back the thing i lost before. See, i know the 'problem' for problems is time. Thats why waiting and doing other thing to pass your time while u figuring solutions for your problem is the best way of solving your own problems. Lols .. sound complicated but thats my motto-motto !!

Yessss ... can see her back soon. Its not too long for me to wait for. :)