I'm Alex :)

The Source of Evil

Sorry to all my friends and family. Especially my sister and daddy. I love you all! sorry to make all of you worry me so much especially my dear sister and my daddy ! sorry for not picking up the phone oftenly. sometimes, i am really busy with my work. Sometimes i have a mood swing (ming kee said i am getting emo easily and love to lao gai nowadays), and sometimes i even could not get an answer for my problem making me so sick of my own brain.

Sorry for making you all worry me. But i will be fine. REally !! just give me some space and i will be fine !!

Hmm .. what am i so busy with and why am i so emo for? Busy with building up my pixel advertising business with We have done a great job during PC FAIR. You guys can try search in any of the search engine, typing blog of TwoMADs. It can be sure beside the founders -- me n james , a lot more bloggers are starting to free blogging for us. Some with good comment - creative flyers , good passion , dare devil , charity ... bla bla bla . Some with bad comment - copy cat (are we really copy 100%) , wont success (how damn sure u know i wont success, loser. At least we do everything to make sure our business grow), no people know u (thats why we attend GEW and PC FAIR and a lot more fairs) and bla bla bla !! Emo because really wanted to make it success. Cant wait to see my project hit what is in our plan. We spend a lot of effort, time, patient and LOVE in project. Really want to see it flourish. And we strongly believe that will success right after the 10% we sold off. Just that the first 10% is so freaking hard to sell.

The evil making me dont answer my phone so frequent, dont meet friends so frequent even dont go out so frequent is my pixel advertising business dint fruitful yet. Sorry pals, papi-s and my dear dad and sis. I love you all. Just give me more time, i will make sure things go smooth and i will be the stupid and silly boi again. I dont mean to be sad all the while. Just tat really a lot work pressure me. I think this is the best test in my growth period.

Okay la !! going JB PC FAIR soon. Wish me all the best. And i dream about my Audi S4. LOLS ... dreaming also can dream out my dream car !! wakaka ... sure la ... S4 is just the beginning. A Lot more collection need to be collected by me. Kekeke ... =)

thanks for the console pals ... especially clubber ming , lols .. you are cute with the doggie mask. Really tum till me laugh !! :P give me la if you said tat is cheap. I want a mask too !!